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40 Years of Spectra Logic: A Look Back at Spectra’s Most Memorable Moments

This month marked our 40th anniversary at Spectra Logic. Last week, we shared a wonderful video featuring Spectra customers, partners, friends and family congratulating us on our four decades of business success. Anniversaries are a time to celebrate where we come from and how we’ve changed. Check out some of our most memorable moments captured over the last four decades.

Above, Spectra CEO, Nathan Thompson, who has led the company from its inception in 1979 to the present, works hard to start his own business as a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Read More

Celebrating 40 Years of Business Success and Technology Innovation

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Spectra Logic, and we could not be more proud.

To honor Spectra’s 40 years of business success and technology innovation, Colorado Governor Jared Polis proclaimed August 1, 2019 as SPECTRA LOGIC DAY in the State of Colorado. Spectra’s CEO made the official announcement to Spectra’s worldwide employee base in a company meeting that same day. Click here to view the proclamation.

To further celebrate Spectra’s four decades of operation, led by its original founder and current CEO, Nathan Thompson, Spectra employees organized a surprise broadcasting of the below video, which features Spectra customers, partners, friends and family congratulating Nathan and team on this monumental accomplishment. Read More

University IT Departments Worldwide Leverage Spectra Solutions to Meet Campus Users’ Needs

Higher education institutions, like most modern organizations, wrestle with managing and storing their growing amounts of data. In addition to student data, which includes information about assignments, activities and performance, universities also manage data from a multitude of campus users. Research centers, academic libraries and even on-campus production studios often deploy their own data storage solutions to increase efficiencies within their organizations and bolster their ability to successfully serve students and the community. As data becomes an even more critical part of daily operations at these institutions, leading universities often centralize their data management and storage systems to promote standardization, improve access and encourage cost savings. In fact, schools with multiple IT environments that consolidate data operations and align resources with critical needs within the university system tend to benefit from reduced overhead costs, greater scalability and enhanced flexibility in their workflows. Read More

Spectra Logic Collaborates with Premier U.S. Research and Development Laboratory on Open-Source Application Now Available on GitHub

Spectra Logic firmly believes that collaboration and partnership are a great source of opportunity and improvement in business. In fact, Spectra’s business development team works closely with customers and ecosystem and channel partners alike to plan, develop and deliver the company’s solutions. Spectra is considered a trusted-advisor to many of the world’s key data storage users and has become a true partner to its customers – accommodating requests spanning from new code creation to feature enhancements. Read More

2019 Take Your Dog to Work Day at Spectra Logic

Spectra employees in Boulder celebrated the 21st annual ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ by bringing their furry friends into the office on Friday, June 21. The event, first established in 1999, was created by Pet Sitters International to encourage businesses to allow dogs in the workplace for one day each year to celebrate the great buddies that dogs make and promote adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups and humane societies. Take Your Dog to Work Day is always celebrated on the Friday following Father’s Day. Media coverage and web traffic indicate growing support of and participation in the event across the U.S. and abroad. Read More

A New Approach to Storage for Media and Entertainment: The Two-Tier Model

Spectra Perpetual Tiered Storage Header

Part three of three – Perpetual Object Storage Systems

In the previous two blogs in this series, we discussed the two-tier paradigm in content storage systems, and dove deep into the first tier known as project/production. In this blog, we’ll explore the perpetual tier. As mentioned earlier, the first tier (project/production) is file-based. The second tier, or perpetual tier, is object-based, and is designed to be a landing zone where digital assets persist over time. The perpetual tier stores raw content with any associated managed assets that require sharing across a team so the content is always available for future work, including editing, color grading, music scoring, visual effects, etc. As newer versions of assets are created, prior versions are kept on the perpetual tier for safekeeping. Read More

A New Approach to Storage for Media and Entertainment: The Two-Tier Model

Media Assets

Part two of three – Production Storage File Systems

The volume of digital assets created each day by media and entertainment (M & E) organizations continues to grow exponentially over time and shows no sign of slowing down. A two-tier paradigm in content storage systems enables the project tier production storage to use high bandwidth file storage for editing and shared content access while leveraging the perpetual tier for all content that does not require active editing, use or consumption. We presented a high-level introduction to the new two-tier storage model in part one of this blog series here. The active editing and use of data requires high performance systems such as Alcestor, Pure Storage and Qumulo. Read More

A New Approach to Storage for Media and Entertainment: The Two-Tier Model

Media content storage

Part one of three – Introducing the Two-Tier Model in M & E

Content is the lifeblood of media and entertainment organizations. Content growth, ever increasing raw and edited file sizes and greater resolutions — 4K and 8K formats, virtual reality, augmented reality and high dynamic range — have placed tremendous pressure on storage systems. The modern media organization demands collaboration like never before, meaning timely multi-site access to assets is crucial to success. Furthermore, content workflows rely on efficient analysis and search capabilities, with organizations often requiring multiple workflows within a single infrastructure, exceeding the functionality of the traditional filesystem. Increasing scale, level of collaboration and diversity of workflows are driving the industry toward a new model for media storage. Read More

2019 Bring Your Child to Work Day at Spectra Spelled Fun for Everyone

Once a year, the children of the Spectra Logic team get a glimpse into what their parents do while they are at work. At this year’s Spectra Bring Your Child to Work Day, more than 50 kids attended and were treated to a day of education and memorable experiences. In addition to learning about what their parents do at Spectra, the children enjoyed many exciting activities at the company’s Boulder headquarters. Needless to say, it was a lively day! The annual event is organized by Spectra’ SUMMIT, a women-led organization within Spectra Logic that fosters an enhanced culture of diversity at the company. Many Spectra employees volunteer to help generate ideas and run activities. Below are a few highlights from the event. Read More

The 2019 NAB Show Buzz – Ideas to Follow Post-Conference

NAB Show 2019 Header

Another eventful NAB Show is behind us. Once again, the media and entertainment masses ascended upon warm Las Vegas to attend the industry’s largest tradeshow, the National Association of Broadcasters, to learn about new technologies and trends, in the hopes of gaining a leg up on the competition. There were four main buzzes in the Spectra Logic booth to be noted: Cloud, BlackPearl, migration and integration.


Everyone is all about the cloud, and it was no different at NAB. So what exactly is it? Plain and simple, its hosting. Cloud is someone else hosting your applications, your computing your storage, etc., on a device somewhere else via https.  Essentially, it means users don’t have to own hardware or physical space to accommodate processing or storage. Including cloud as part of a hybrid storage strategy is commonplace today. Spectra’s BlackPearl hybrid storage ecosystem accommodates cloud mandates by creating a storage environment that stores content both locally, on-premise, as well as in the public cloud. The mix of storing assets on-premise and in the public cloud provides layers of protection for content and the most effective means to accessing assets affordably when they are needed. Read More