Not Your Father’s Network-Attached Storage: What Differentiates BlackPearl NAS

Network-attached storage (NAS) delivers fast data storage and retrieval in a centralized location for work environments with multiple users. It’s usage and capabilities are largely dependent on the type of hard disk drives selected for the device. Generally, NAS makes an ideal primary backup storage target, and is also well suited as a repository for mid- to long-term storage requirements. But with many NAS options available on the market, how do organizations select the best NAS to meet their data storage and operational goals?

With vendors providing comparable offerings when it comes to number of drives, drive support, drive capacity and scalability, it can be difficult to recognize what truly differentiates the many NAS products on the market. What most future-minded organizations have begun to recognize is that IT and data operations have shifted from a cost center to a source of business opportunity, value and innovation. With this in mind, businesses seeking to deploy modern IT infrastructures look towards their overall strategy when making any investment in technology.

A Cost-Effective, Scalable Solution

Spectra’s BlackPearl NAS is made for a variety of workloads. As a primary backup target where operational restore data is stored, BlackPearl NAS can handle daily incremental backups, new writes, and weekly full backups. As a data offload storage destination, BlackPearl NAS helps organizations meet regulatory and legal retention requirements by storing backups, file, video and unstructured data for the long-term.

The BlackPearl NAS Difference

But what makes BlackPearl’s approach to NAS different?

The answer is scalability and features. The BlackPearl platform can start as a NAS device and expand into multi-purpose object-based hybrid storage, making it the perfect springboard solution that is flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing list of data storage requirements. Extensions to the BlackPearl platform provide the following:

  • BlackPearl S3: BlackPearl S3 is on-prem hybrid cloud storage with seamless cloud integration, and even replicates the public cloud. With BlackPearl S3, organizations can take advantage of the growing number of S3 applications at a low price point. The extension also enables bi-directional synchronization between cloud and local storage. Learn more here.
  • On-Prem Glacier*: BlackPearl brings the benefits of Amazon S3 Glacier, but with the advantages of on-prem deployment by providing organizations with an on-prem Glacier-like tier that eliminates the costs to retrieve data from the cloud and decreases the retrieval time of data from hours to minutes.
  • Attack-Hardened Features: the Attack-Hardened features of BlackPearl NAS include virtual air gap protection through immutable snapshots, multi-factor authentication, multi-site replication, and integration with applications to trigger snapshots. With triggered snapshots, pre- and post-scripts protect data at the beginning and end of each job, creating restore copies at multiple points in time.

    As the backbone of a backup and data protection storage architecture, BlackPearl NAS integrates with most major backup and archive software applications.

BlackPearl NAS provides self-protecting, flexible secondary storage that scales-up affordably. But what makes BlackPearl truly special is that it’s the only NAS solution on the market that can be upgraded and enhanced through software extensions to deliver Attack-Hardened™ storage for a multi-cloud world. To get to know the BlackPearl NAS difference today, click here.

*Amazon Glacier is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.

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