Simple and Affordable Storage

Spectra BlackPearl Nearline Gateway solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation. With support for a variety of storage targets, BlackPearl Nearline Gateway provides a simple and affordable solution and is designed for numerous concurrent workflows. By integrating Spectra DS3 with a range of certified clients and simple file movers, BlackPearl Nearline Gateway reduces the need for expensive third-party data movers.

Benefits of BlackPearl Nearline Gateway

Support for Multiple Storage Targets and Concurrent Workflows

  • BlackPearl Object Storage Disk can be implemented for instant access to all data
  • Public cloud storage can be configured as a storage target, for long-term retention and disaster recovery
  • Advanced policy management defines the storage target retention and number of copies
  • The RESTful interface automates the movement of large data sets to and from disk and tape storage

Multiple Integration Methods

  • BlackPearl RioBroker software acts as a data mover to speed file transfers, streamline workflows and scale out performance and capacity
  • Spectra DS3 enables third-party data management applications to seamlessly move data to and from disk and tape storage
  • API and SDK available for easy purpose-built integrations and to create the desired workflow for every organization

Secure Ransomware Resiliency

  • Secure on-premises storage that protects data from internal and external threats, tape provides offline air-gap copies of data
  • Multi-tenancy ensures data is isolated with restricted visibility
  • Encryption at rest and in-flight eliminates unintended data exposure

Attack-Hardened Features

BlackPearl Nearline Gateway delivers simple and affordable storage for numerous concurrent workflows.

BlackPearl Nearline Gateway Use Cases

Tiered Storage
BlackPearl Nearline Gateway’s advanced bucket management lets you place data where you want for as long as you want, delivering a policy-driven tiered storage solution.

Customizable Integration Methods
API and SDK enable third-party data management applications to integrate with BlackPearl Nearline Gateway through the Spectra DS3 interface.

True Air-Gap Storage
When paired with an automated tape library, BlackPearl Nearline Gateway provides offline air gapped protection for additional security and ransomware resiliency.

M&E Production MAM/PAM Integration
Asset management integration has been a mainstay for BlackPearl Nearline Gateway.  Tight integrations with major applications provide a turn-key solution for editing and production.

Tapeless Storage Archive
BlackPearl Object Storage Disk is an ideal alternative to tape and provides a nearline disk storage tier with instant access to long-term data.

Data Staging
BlackPearl Nearline Gateway can be configured with both object storage disk and automated tape. Data staged on object storage disk provides fast access to data and tape provides storage for long-term retention.

BlackPearl Nearline Gateway Information

OverviewSpecificationsReference ArchitecturesExtensibility
Cost-Effective Scale-Up Architecture

  • Scale to multiple exabytes of storage creating a virtually limitless storage repository
  • BlackPearl Object Storage Disk can expand from 80TB to 20PB per system
  • Create multiple copies of data and even manage ejected media for affordable offline storage

Self-Protecting Attack-Hardened Storage

  • ZFS self-healing storage ensures data is accurate
  • Continuous check for bit rot and automatic error corrections
  • Erasure-coded checksum verification at the file or file-part level
  • Multi-factor authentication, Object Lock, multi-site replication
  • Optional self-encrypting drives for additional security

Certified Integration Program

  • Client certification to ensure full operation and tight integration
  • API and SDK to build and create integrated clients
  • Developer program to test and certify clients
  • BlackPearl RioBroker software is a front-end data mover that scales-out performance and capacity
BlackPearl V Series BlackPearl S Series BlackPearl X Series BlackPearl Expansion BlackPearl Expansion
Interface CPU With Motherboard Tape Connect Network CPU With Motherboard Tape Connect Network CPU With Motherboard Tape Connect Network Dual Power Supplies Dual Power Supplies
Single Up to 3 FC or SAS HBA 25 GbE Standard, 40 GbE optional Single Up to 3 FC or SAS HBA 25 GbE Standard, 40 GbE optional Single or Dual Up to 2×8 or 16 port FC or SAS HBA 100 GbE Standard SAS Interface SAS Interface
Internal Disk Drives 24 x 3.5″ SAS HDD’s 60 x 3.5″ SAS HDD’s 77 x 3.5” SAS HDDs 107 x 3.5″ SAS HDD’s
Flash Drives (Upgrade) 6 x 6.4 TB NVMe SSD’s (Upgrade) 10 x 6.4 TB NVMe SSD’s 24 x 6.4 TB NVMe SSD’s None None
Throughput Up to 1.6 GB/s to tape sustained Up to 4 GB/s to tape sustained Up to 9 GB/s to tape sustained
Expansion Up to 10 expansion chassis* Up to 9 expansion chassis* Up to 10 expansion chassis*
Capacity of Expansion 107 Drive or 77 drive expansion chassis options 107 Drive or 77 drive expansion chassis options 107 Drive or 77 drive expansion chassis options Up to 77 Drives per 4U Chassis Up to 107 drives per 4U chassis

For complete specifications, please contact your Spectra Representative
* In a 42U rack

Primary-BlackPearl Nearline Gateway
to Object Storage Disk
Primary-BlackPearl Nearline Gateway
to Archive
BlackPearl Nearline Gateway with RioBroker Integration
BlackPearl Nearline Gateway with Multi-Site Replication
BlackPearl Nearline Gateway can be leveraged in multiple BlackPearl solutions. These include:
On-Premises Glacier*
Integrates with applications that support AWS Glacier to offer object storage disk and tape as an on-premises glacier tier of storage

Unifies storage into a single namespace providing access to cloud services no matter where the data resides, automated placement of data across on-prem and cloud storage, and universal access to data.


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