Front-End Data Mover

with BlackPearl RioBroker

What is BlackPearl RioBroker?

Spectra® RioBroker® is a data mover for BlackPearl that speeds file transfers, streamlines workflows and scales out BlackPearl in both performance and capacity to accommodate growing amounts of digital assets. As a software front-end to Spectra’s BlackPearl, BlackPearl RioBroker offloads the data transfer job from the application to the BlackPearl RioBroker system. This brings greater performance, parallelism, scalability, ease of implementation and consistency to the entire platform. BlackPearl RioBroker also simplifies the integration process to popular asset management software applications by providing Partial File Recall and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) capabilities. Developers can learn more here.

BlackPearl RioBroker Benefits

  • Enables easier client development for partners with a simple abstraction layer over BlackPearl interface
  • Allows more clients and applications to share BlackPearl object storage resources in parallel at ever higher performance
  • Provides remote input/output capabilities to multiple Spectra BlackPearls
  • Brokers data stream input and output between multiple sources and destinations
  • Provides for enterprise-level high availability
  • Delivers ultra-high performance with clustering capabilities
  • Facilitates seamless content migration from legacy storage software to a modern solution

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