Q & A from Spectra’s Recent Webinar: BlackPearl can do that…


Google search for BlackPearl SpectraLIVE, Spectra Logic’s webinar program, recently hosted a webinar called, ‘BlackPearl can do that…’. With Spectra’s BlackPearl Platform undergoing an expansive transformation over the last year, this webinar covered the recent enhancements made to the solution.

As a multi-purpose hybrid storage platform, BlackPearl easily and cost effectively scales up as object and file volumes grow; adapts as operational requirements change; and enables the easy synchronization of data between on-prem and cloud storage. The platform is comprised of five ‘extensions,’ including NAS, S3, Attack-Hardened Security, On-Prem Glacier and a Nearline Gateway.

The webinar garnered a lot of interesting questions from the audience – so we wanted to share some:

Question: How are snapshots configured in BlackPearl? Is it possible to take snapshots in all BlackPearl Extensions? Can we configure it manually as per the workflow requirement?

Answer: Triggered snapshots are available with BlackPearl NAS. The snapshots can be scheduled or triggered by your backup application by executing cURL scripts provided by Spectra.


Question: What does “attack-hardened” provide specifically?

Answer: Features of the BlackPearl Platform include Multi Factor Authentication, multiple levels of air gap, multi-site replication and self-encrypting drives. In addition, BlackPearl NAS provides the ability to integrate with your backup software by triggering immutable snapshot upon completion of a backup job.


Question: If you write into BlackPearl S3 can the data be replicated to native S3 storage?

Answer:Yes. You can replicate to any storage that supports the standard S3 protocol including public cloud storage.


Question: If BlackPearl sends data to AWS glacier (deep archive), which format will it be written in AWS? Can the same archived data be restored to a local machine without BlackPearl?

Answer: It can be written in its native object name format or object ID format. If written in the native format, you can go through any S3 application, or the AWS S3 GUI and the data is accessible without using BlackPearl S3.


Question: Any particular industries you’re seeing with stronger adoption?

Answer: No, the BlackPearl Platform provides low-cost, scalable storage for all industries across the globe. Examples include: media and entertainment, chip manufacturing, healthcare, finance, digital evidence, video surveillance, genomics, HPC, religious houses, and more. We are seeing BlackPearl adoption from global customers who have large amounts of data that must be stored and managed, cost effectively, safely, and efficiently.


To watch the webinar recording on-demand click here.

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