Spectra Certified Media​

Patented technology maintains media operating at peak performance


You now have access to the most reliable media on the market with Spectra Certified Media. Rest assured, extra care is taken during every step of the manufacturing process to ensure you have the most reliable and automated tape storage possible. Our technology guarantees your media is delivered ready for peak performance and continuously monitored for quality to protect your data. Every cartridge is cleaned, tested, and verified to pass the highest quality standard before use. You also get a lifetime warranty because we are confident in the media’s quality.

The ROI benefits of using certified media go far beyond just safeguarding your data. Along with enhanced protection, you also enjoy prolonged tape drive life, reduced need for manual handling, and the convenience of pre-calibrated LTO-9 media. And with TeraPacks for bulk loading into Spectra tape libraries, and pre-applied bar codes the whole process is fast and efficient.

LTO-4 to LTO-9 Media


JE, JD Media

Capabilities & Benefits

Media debris

Spectra Logic patented CarbideClean® technology ensures media is debris-free. This helps extend the life of your tape drives and maximizes the performance and capacity of your tapes.

Media Lifecycle Management: Continuous proactive tape management

Spectra Logic’s Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) proactively tracks, manages, and provides reports on all aspects of tape usage and health status, reducing tape-related errors. MLM helps you manage your tapes efficiently from start to end with continuous assessments on more than 40 different metrics throughout the life of each tape.

Data Integrity Verification:
Validates your data was successfully written to tape

Spectra’s Data Integrity Verifications (DIV) tools provide features that check the tape before use and checks to ensure that data was properly written to the tape. The DIV tools are designed to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Bar Code Tagging:
Ease your

Media arrives with pre-applied custom or standard barcodes, making continuous tracking very efficient.

Ease your bulk-loading & offsite storage

Customers can conveniently order pre-packaged media with TeraPacks for easy loading into the Spectra tape library. The TeraPacks are removable from the library and are available with optional dust covers for added protection during offsite storage. 

LTO-9 Pre-calibration:
Pre-optimized for immediately availability

LTO-9 media must be initialized before use, which can take up to 2 hours per cartridge. Spectra offers pre-initialized media which optimizes data placement and is immediately ready for use.

Lifetime Warranty

Spectra Logic Certified media comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Media quality is at the core of efficient, pain-free backup and archive. All manufactured tape is not the same, leaving your data to chance with suspect media.

Learn the ins and outs of media and why Spectra Certified media is the best choice for your organization. ​

Media Lifecycle Management

Certified Media combined with Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) reduces the most common media-related failures and can only be found with Spectra tape libraries.


Your Spectra Certified Media, LTO, or IBM® TS, arrives on your doorstep, with pre-applied barcode labels and bundled in TeraPack containers, ready for bulk loading into your Spectra Logic tape library.

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