Safeguard and maintain company data using a comprehensive range of tools designed to handle, transfer, store, and retain data for extended periods, while incorporating capabilities that enhance resistance to ransomware, regardless of whether it's on-site, within one cloud, spanning several clouds, or in all areas simultaneously.

Data Management

Multi-Cloud Object

Software to unify your data management across on-premises and cloud with Spectra Vail.

Archive Software

Spectra StorCycle is an enterprise software that provides digital archiving for Data at Scale.

Front-End Data Mover

Spectra® RioBroker® is a data mover for BlackPearl that speeds file transfers, streamlines workflows.

Hybrid Storage

S3 Object Hybrid Cloud

On-Prem Hybrid Cloud Storage BlackPearl S3 is on-prem hybrid cloud storage that offers native support for S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier* APIs.

Nearline Gateway

Spectra BlackPearl Nearline Gateway solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation.

Network Attached Storage

BlackPearl NAS, with a scale-up architecture, provides expandable enterprise-grade NAS storage.

Tape Solutions

Tape Libraries

Delivering the industry’s best combination of capacity, performance, reliability, and affordability.

Tape Technologies

Reliable and cost-effective solutions for long-term data storage, with high capacity, data security, and scalability.

Tape Media

Technology that guarantees your media is delivered ready for peak performance and continuously monitored for quality to protect your data.

Spectra Logic is committed to providing our customers with the best possible data storage solutions

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