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You know the importance of scalable, cost-effective and resilient data protection solutions that work seamlessly with your workflows – whether on-prem or in the cloud. And we do, too. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of data management software, cloud & tape-extensible disk, and tape storage systems to meet all your data protection needs.

Data Management Software

Spectra makes managing your storage workflows simpler, faster and more cost-effective. Our software unifies data access across clouds, automates digital preservation and transparently accelerates large file transfers.
Multi Cloud Object

Multi‑Cloud Object Management

Seamlessly unify & manage object access across on-prem & public clouds with Spectra Vail® software.

Active & Long-Term Archive

Active & Long-Term Archive

Automate digital preservation to disk, tape & cloud with StorCycle® software.

High Performance Data Mover

High‑Performance Data Mover

Supercharge file transfers & streamline media workflows with RioBroker® software.

File & Object Storage

Take the tedium out of tiering with our popular BlackPearl® cloud & tape-extensible disk storage.

Hybrid storage
Hybrid Cloud Storage

BlackPearl S3 Hybrid Cloud Storage

Create tiers of on-prem object-based disk & object-based tape that extend to the cloud.

Nearline Media Gateway

BlackPearl Nearline Media Gateway

Integrate popular media management applications with object‑based tape to streamline media workflows.

Network Attached Storage

BlackPearl Network-Attached Storage

Lower the cost of secondary file storage with economical scale-up network-attached storage.

Tape Storage

Spectra tape storage solutions are the smart choice to cost-effectively preserve and securely protect your
organization’s long-term data at scale – from terabytes to exabytes.
Tape Libriaries

Tape Libraries

Enjoy industry-leading capacity, performance & resilience – with economics your C-level will love.

Tape Media

Tape Technologies

Choose from an array of leading drive types & models for optimal density, compatibility & more.

Tape Media

Tape Media

Guarantee peak performance with Spectra-certified media – lifetime warranty included.

Ransomware costs? $265 billion by 2031.
Spectra data protection? Significantly less.

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