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SpectraLIVE Best Practices: What You Missed from the Virtual Conference

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

This week, Spectra hosted SpectraLIVE Best Practices, a free virtual conference geared towards IT professionals, data storage managers, technology partners and value-added resellers looking to learn more about industry best practices, trends and technology updates. Event presentations provided attendees with expert insight into building a robust backup plan, what’s current in archive, leveraging cloud storage and implementing a storage lifecycle management solution.

Here’s a quick recap of each session:

Building a Robust Backup Strategy has become an increasingly important topic for organizations given the rise of ransomware. Data can also be deleted, corrupted, lost or destroyed by a natural disaster. Watch this webinar with Spectra’s CTO Matt Starr and IT Director Tony Mendoza as they dive a little deeper into the best storage mediums (disk, tape, cloud) for backup. They’ll cover why it is so important to maintain an offline copy of data and how Spectra was able to get up and running after a ransomware attack without having to pay a ransom. Catch it on-demand here.  Read More

Imperial War Museums: Managing and Preserving Invaluable Historical Assets

By Craig Bungay
Vice President, Sales – EMEA & India, Spectra Logic

England’s prestigious Imperial War Museums (IWM) has been a Spectra customer since 2009. Why is that important? Earning a customer’s loyalty is paramount to business success and longevity. Customer loyalty over the years is a strong indicator that a vendor is providing modern and reliable solutions, excellent customer service and support, and a true understanding of customer challenges and requirements.

Spectra’s partnership with IWM has spanned more than a decade and we believe that it is stronger than ever.  As announced just this week, IWM again turned to Spectra and deployed Spectra’s StorCycle Storage Lifecycle management software to help manage and protect its vast amounts of unstructured data that sits on expensive SAN and NAS storage outside of IWM’s existing DAMS (digital asset management system) platform. Read More

A Decade in Data Storage: Looking Back at a Few of the Most Consequential Industry Developments

The pace of technological innovation has continued to accelerate in the last decade, and in the data storage industry it has been no different.  In the 24 years that I’ve been in this industry I’ve witnessed it firsthand. As CTO at Spectra Logic, keeping my finger on the pulse of market trends and technology advancements has been key to accelerating Spectra’s solution roadmap and executing on the company’s technology strategy. Of the many technology advancements and industry developments that have marked the decade, a few must be noted due to their disproportionate impact on the future of data storage. Read More

Celebrating a New Partnership: Optimizing Storage Lifecycle Management. Together.

By Jonathan Adler
Chief Marketing Officer, OpenDrives

OpenDrives is deeply committed to helping our customers outperform. From our first product onward, which was a solution that our founders created to solve their own storage problems in a data-intensive industry, we’ve brought to market high-performance storage solutions that enable our users to unleash their organization’s full potential. Whether our customers need data storage that’s fast, flexible, scalable, dependable, or easy to deploy and manage, we deliver capabilities that go well beyond their expectations. We know that if we do this, then our customers can do more, accomplish more, and exceed their own organizational goals. But here’s a little secret—we haven’t always done this alone. Read More

Spectra Logic: We Know Big Storage!

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

Organizations around the world are managing exponential data growth like we’ve never seen before. It is being created, analyzed, stored, and shared – sometimes multiple times over. Spectra provides a full range of solutions for these massive data sets and works with our global clients to solve their most difficult data storage challenges.

We are excited to highlight some of our largest deployments on this new web page dedicated to showcasing large data users and how they solved their most pressing data storage problems with Spectra solutions. Want to hear some of the coolest facts about these organizations? Read on: Read More

Webinar Q&A: Ransomware Prepared

Welcome to Spectra’s webinar Q&A roundup. In this blog series we will pick relevant questions from our recent webinars and publish the responses here. 


Spectra Logic recently hosted a virtual presentation on building a storage strategy to withstand a ransomware attack. During the webinar we took a look at how a storage strategy is critical to preparing for a ransomware attack and what steps organizations can take to be ‘ransomware prepared’ including having multiple copies of data on multiple storage platforms, and maintaining an air-gap copy of data, and more. The following questions and answers recap highlights covered in the recent webinar. Read More

Webinar Q&A: The History & Future of Tape

Welcome to Spectra’s webinar Q&A roundup. In this Q&A blog series we will pick relevant questions from our recent webinars and publish the responses here. 


Spectra Logic recently hosted a virtual presentation on the history and future of tape. During the webinar we took a look at tape library innovation and how organizations have harnessed tape technology to achieve dense, cost-effective and reliable data storage. The following questions and answers recap highlights covered in the recent webinar.

Tape Today: Reliability and Trends Read More

SpectraLIVE Returns with 2021 Best Practices Edition and New Line Up of Industry Webinars

Launched in 2020, SpectraLIVE is a virtual conference platform developed by Spectra Logic to help organizations make decisions related to managing, accessing and preserving their growing repositories of data. SpectraLIVE in 2021 delivers relevant webinar content on topics such as ransomware preparedness recommendations, expert industry analysis and data storage and data management best practices for data-driven organizations.

Upcoming SpectraLIVE webinars include:

  • Ransomware Prepared: Building a Storage Strategy to Withstand an Attack

More than 50% of businesses have been impacted by ransomware in the last year. Join Spectra on Feb. 16, 2021, at 9 a.m. MT for a 30-minute discussion on how your storage strategy is critical to preparing for a ransomware attack. We’ll dive into steps that you can take to be ‘ransomware prepared’ and the company’s first-hand experience prevailing against ransomware. Register here. Read More

New Channel Partner Program Equips Spectra Partners with Best Tools and Resources to Solve Customer Data Storage Challenges

Partner cooperation is a high priority at Spectra Logic. Designed with our global network of value-added resellers, solution providers, distributors and technology partners in mind, Spectra’s award-winning channel program, SpectraEDGE, equips Spectra partners with the right tools and information that they need to effectively supply and support the many moving parts of today’s modern data infrastructures.

Spectra has made significant investments in the channel, recently expanding its program to deliver new benefits and incentives that provide greater value for its vast channel partner ecosystem. Some of the noted enhancements to Spectra’s channel offerings include: Read More

Active Archive Alliance Supports the Industry through Data Storage and IT Strategy Collaboration

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic, along with a handful of other storage industry leaders, started the Active Archive Alliance over a decade ago. When my predecessor and good friend, Molly Presley, conceived this idea, the term ‘Active Archive’ was relatively unknown and technologies were just coming together to provide the means to execute this storage strategy. The combination of tape, disk, software, and now cloud, gives organizations the ability to build a storage environment that balances the cost of storage with the speed of access to ALL data that perfectly fits their needs. That is the beauty of an Active Archive. Read More