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In Case You Missed It: Eight Spectra End Users Share Insight at SpectraLIVE Customer Edition 2020 Event

On October 20, Spectra hosted SpectraLIVE Customer Edition, the first-ever fully customer-focused virtual event for Spectra. SpectraLIVE Customer Edition provided attendees with a glimpse into the real-life implementations of eight Spectra end users from varying market segments (think general IT to media and entertainment to national laboratories). Presenters shared their specific challenges and how their partnership with Spectra helped them ultimately achieve their IT goals. The event wrapped with an Exascale Panel discussion that included two national laboratory end users along with two subject matter experts from Spectra. Here’s a quick recap of each session: Read More

We Are Publicly Discussing our Experience of Being Attacked by Ransomware: Here’s Why It’s Important

Spectra is going to break an unspoken rule: “What happens in your data center, stays in your data center.” Organizations are notoriously secretive about what happens in their data centers. This is understandable. Data drives the operations of most organizations, and is sometimes considered the secret sauce of operations, possibly a competitive advantage. Likewise, discussing the exact means of data protection would possibly give the bad guys insight into vulnerabilities to be exploited. And if nothing else, it’s sometimes hard to shine a light on something that cost your organization time and money. Read More

StorCycle 3.2 Brings Scheduled Delete and More to Greatly Enhance Storage Lifecycle Management

Let’s talk about data storage management solutions and how Spectra Logic’s StorCycle storage lifecycle management software is helping customers address these challenges. Many organizations today have large amounts of data that is growing rapidly and that is critical to their business. All this data is being kept typically on one active primary storage tier, when in fact up to 80% of that data is inactive and doesn’t need to be stored on that expensive active tier taking up valuable space and costing money. Secondary storage solutions such as cloud, spinning disk and tape are all available as lower cost options, but inactive data is usually still not being moved because it is difficult to identify, difficult to migrate, and difficult to access once it’s migrated. Read More

CERN Deploys a Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library for Massive Data Storage

Spectra Logic is delighted to share the time-lapse video of the installation of the Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library in the CERN Data Centre. Magnetic tapes are used as the main long-term data storage medium at CERN. The tapes are stored in tape libraries, where they are retrieved by robotic arms. Their TFinity library is leveraging the open format LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tape technology, has 15,000 physical cartridge slots and can accommodate 48 tape drives in total.

Time-lapse video of the installation of the Spectra Logic TFinity tape library in the CERN Data Centre. Read More

Spectra Customers Share Use Cases and Discuss Data Storage Implementations at the SpectraLIVE Customer Edition Virtual Conference

This year a lot has changed in how most of us do business. For end users in numerous vertical markets, making decisions related to managing, accessing and preserving vital data has become more important than ever.  Peer stories can resonate deeply, offering colleagues the reasoning behind a technology strategy or the real-world benefits of an implementation. With most trade shows canceled and countries and organizations restricting employee travel, Spectra Logic is providing multiple virtual opportunities to connect, engage and educate its community. Read More

Unleash the Power of LTO-9 with Spectra

This month, the LTO Consortium announced the specifications of the next generation of LTO technology, the LTO Ultrium format generation 9. While LTO tape media has increased in capacity on a regular cadence since its first generation, LTO-9 offers a 50% increase in capacity from the previous generation – enabling a single LTO-9 cartridge to store 18TB of native data. Extending to generation 12, a new roadmap has been released which aims to double capacity in each generation moving forward, providing a long future for tape users. Read More

Webinar Q&A: Managing Data throughout its Lifecycle

Welcome to Spectra’s webinar Q&A roundup. In this Q&A blog series we will pick relevant questions from our recent webinars and publish the responses here. 


Spectra recently hosted a panel discussion on Data Storage Trends based on its fifth annual Digital Data Storage Outlook Report. During the webinar we talked about persistent memory, magnetic disk, tape, storage lifecycle management and where storage architectures are heading. The following questions and answers recap webinar highlights covered in the recent webinar. Read More

Webinar Q&A: Storage Technologies and Trends Anticipated to Make an Impact on Our Future

Welcome to Spectra’s webinar Q&A roundup. In this Q&A blog series we will pick relevant questions from our recent webinars and publish the responses here. 


Spectra recently hosted a panel discussion webinar on Data Storage Trends based on its fifth annual Digital Data Storage Outlook Report. During the webinar we talked about persistent memory, magnetic disk, tape, information lifecycle management and where storage architectures are heading. Read More

StorCycle’s New Data Storage Savings Calculator – How to Take It for a Spin

Every now and then, a software release rolls out that includes a new feature so exciting that the feature itself has to be called out on its own. That’s the case for StorCycle’s new data storage savings calculator, which is part of StorCycle 3.1, the latest release of Spectra’s storage lifecycle management software. So, what makes this feature so compelling?

Well, for one thing, the new data storage savings calculator enables end users to gain insight into their organization’s data, including less frequently accessed data that tends to hide out on expensive primary storage. From there, the feature calculates the potential cost savings an IT professional would realize if they moved much of their organization’s less active data off of expensive primary storage to more suitable and less costly storage targets for long-term data access and protection. In a nutshell, the StorCycle data storage savings calculator helps IT professionals make smarter decisions by providing them with both data and cost-saving insights so they can better manage their IT infrastructures and budgets. Read More

Digital Data Storage Outlook 2020 Report Available

Fresh Insights into Trends and Technologies for Data Capture, Access, Management and Preservation

As a trusted leader in developing and providing data storage and data management solutions that solve the problem of digital preservation for organizations dealing with exponential data growth, Spectra Logic has a keen pulse on the industry. Over 40 years of close collaboration with customers and partners worldwide has allowed the company to not only maintain a discerning awareness of the global market, but also position itself as an early innovator in robotics, automation, and interfaces. Read More