How Can an Active Archive Provide Ransomware Protection?

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic founded the Active Archive Alliance with a number of other industry partners over a decade ago. The Alliance has continued to grow in membership and its mission of educating the market on the benefits of an active archive. This year, the Alliance teamed up with DCIG to highlight the benefits of an active archive in defending against ransomware. Read the new report to learn how active archiving solutions can provide ransomware protection and mitigation.

As experts in data management and storage, Spectra provides its customers with myriad ways to protect, manage and archive valuable data repositories.  Read more about Spectra’s broad portfolio of solutions designed to help you use, store and preserve your data for as long as required.  Additionally, Spectra recently announced that it bolstered its entire product portfolio with attack-hardened™ features to help customers become more ransomware resilient. Listen to a recent podcast with guest Tony Mendoza, senior IT director at Spectra Logic, who shares Spectra’s own ransomware experience and how the company withstood the attack without paying a ransom or having any data exfiltrated. Read More

Disaster Recovery Planning Does Not Equal Ransomware Recovery

By Tony Mendoza,
Senior IT Director, Spectra Logic

As you may know, Spectra was hit by ransomware in May 2020.   We’ve chosen to be transparent about the attack to help as many organizations as possible understand how to recognize, withstand and recover from an attack, all while maintaining business continuity and rejecting ransomware payoffs. 

I recently was interviewed about our experience with a ransomware attack by Chris Evans who hosts Storage Unpacked, a popular podcast for IT professionals.  You can listen to that broadcast here.

During the interview, Chris and I discussed the fact that Spectra had a rock-solid disaster recovery plan in place when we got hit, mainly because we are a data storage company and understand how important it is to have both the plan and products in place to protect data.   However, Spectra learned one important lesson from the attack.  In a nutshell, Disaster Recovery is not Ransomware Recovery.  In other words, mitigating and recovering from a ransomware attack with a Ransomware Recovery plan is different than having a Disaster Recovery plan — and I’ve learned you really need to merge both in order to create an air-tight strategy that lessens the impact of a cyberattack.    Read More

Customer Spotlight: Recent Spectra Logic Case Studies Featured in the Media

Spectra Logic has recently published a number of stories detailing customer use cases. These types of case studies are the perfect piece of content to give readers a true understanding of how Spectra drives results for data-driven organizations. So when there’s a use case that really showcases the breadth and depth of Spectra’s data storage and data management solutions, we can’t help but share it far and wide.

Below are highlights of recent media coverage that have helped tell these important stories.

Durham University’s DiRAC Memory Intensive Service preserves complex cosmological simulation data with the help of Spectra solution Read More

Multi-Purpose Hybrid Storage: Get to Know the New BlackPearl Platform

BlackPearl is a multi-purpose hybrid storage platform that easily and cost effectively scales up as object and file volumes grow; adapts as operational requirements change; and enables easy synchronization of data between on-prem and cloud storage. The object-based BlackPearl, which has offered capacity NAS and Spectra DS3 to tape for over 10 years, was recently expanded to include a native S3 interface providing local on-premises S3-standard object storage using the same economical scale-up architecture. BlackPearl S3 enables bi-directional synchronization of data between public cloud and on-premises storage. Read More

What Do We Mean by Attack-Hardened? Spectra’s Approach to Building Data Resiliency from Ransomware

Ransomware has been steadily on the rise and is increasingly making headlines in the news. Cases such as the Colonial Pipeline, Exagrid, and meat processing giant JBS are cropping up left and right. Spectra Logic even became the target of ransomware. Spectra’s successful defense against its attack has led to multiple articles, white papers, and webinars being produced to spread the word on how to withstand an attack and say ‘no’ to paying a ransom. It also led to Spectra’s development of even more robust storage solutions to help others avoid such a situation. That storage approach is at the heart of this white paper. Read More

Think You Know Spectra? Take another Look with this SpectraLIVE Conference Recap

Earlier this week, Spectra Logic held its SpectraLIVE ‘Think You Know Spectra?’ edition – the fourth live conference in Spectra’s virtual conference program. Event attendees heard directly from Spectra’s leadership about the company’s newly launched Spectra Vail® distributed multi-cloud data management software and Attack-Hardened™ enhancements to Spectra’s entire product line, including BlackPearl®, StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management software and Spectra tape solutions. Attendees also had the chance to ask questions and get real-time, candid responses from our presenters. Read More

A Bold Transformation: Unify and Secure Data across Multi-Cloud, Multi-Site Environments with New Attack Hardened Solutions from Spectra

If you manage data in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud storage environment, then you know how powerful it is to leverage the functionalities of cloud-integrated data management and storage. Hybrid cloud environments provide huge benefits to IT professionals, but not without the challenges of managing and securing data across multiple clouds or multiple sites (including on-premises). Even within cloud-only environments, different public clouds provide access to different operational benefits, be it a wider range of applications, greater workload compatibilities or superior AI capabilities. Many IT teams struggle with synchronization of data between public and private clouds, cloud vendor lock-in and managing cloud costs. Read More

Five Key Featured Articles You May Have Missed: Spectra Executives Share Thought Leadership

With over 40 years developing data storage and data management solutions that help customers store, manage, preserve and use vast amounts of data, Spectra Logic has long established itself as a trusted advisor to its customers and partners alike. Spectra executives have certainly left their mark as thought leaders in the industry, often sharing their insights with technology publications to help empower organizations worldwide to harness the power of their data.

We have listed some of the most recently featured articles below.

Betsy Doughty and Fujifilm’s Rich Gadomski talk about navigating the post-Covid digital economy with active archives Read More

Prevailing Against Ransomware: Tony Mendoza Shares Three Key Data Protection Strategies on The Spectra Current

You’ve probably heard the story by now. On May 2020, Spectra Logic was attacked by ransomware. Spectra’s IT team rose to the occasion, no data left the company, and Spectra was able to restore all files and resume operations without paying the ransom. As any data-driven organization would, we saw this as an opportunity to take an analytical look at the company’s data protection and business continuity strategies to identify key strengths and weaknesses. But unlike most companies, Spectra also chose to share our story widely to help other businesses prepare.

The resources Spectra Logic has shared on the topic are numerous: Spectra’s Senior Director of IT Tony Mendoza recounted events in featured articles; and the company wrote a white paper with a checklist of what to do before and after a ransomware attack; hosted webinars sharing Spectra’s ransomware story and how to build a storage strategy to withstand a ransomware attack; provided an online quiz to assess your ransomware preparedness level; and even created a dedicated ransomware protection page on our website. Read More

Taking Action against Climate Change by Reducing CO2 Emissions with Eco-Friendly Tape Systems


By Rich Gadomski,
Head of Tape Evangelism, FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc.

In early August of this year a United Nations panel called the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” issued a new report, the Sixth Assessment Report, on climate change and global warming. You can explore the lengthy and technical full report here. But in short, a few key headline statements from the report include:

  • It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. Widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere have occurred.
  • Global warming of 1.5 degrees C and 2.0 degrees C will be exceeded during the 21st century unless deep reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions occur in the coming decades.
  • Many changes in the climate system become larger in direct relation to increasing global warming. They include increases in the frequency and intensity of hot extremes, marine heatwaves, and heavy precipitation, agricultural and ecological droughts in some regions, and intense tropical cyclones as well as reductions in Arctic sea ice, snow cover and permafrost.
  • Many changes due to past and future greenhouse gas emissions are irreversible for centuries to millennia, especially changes in the ocean, ice sheets and global sea level.

The U.N. report is pretty scary, especially that last bullet. But think about the severe weather events we experienced in 2020 only to be outdone by recent calamities in 2021 like the Texas deep freeze, the record heat in the Pacific Northwest, torrential floods in Europe, China and the U.S., extreme storms, not to mention the worsening forest fires. Read More