New StorCycle Features Help Organizations Meet Cloud Mandates and Enhance Data Protection

With new cloud mandates and mounting ransomware attacks, it’s more critical than ever for organizations to get visibility into their data and manage that data for its lifetime. Spectra has been around for over 40 years, and all of our solutions and features are driven by customer demand. Spectra StorCycle is a Storage Lifecycle Management software solution that helps organizations understand their data, allowing users to migrate that data to the right tier of storage, protect it from ransomware, preserve it for the long term and easily access that data when they need it. The newest release of the award-winning software enhances the solution’s inherent benefits by expanding the software’s capabilities with tiering and protection of cloud data, increased protection against ransomware attacks, and improved metadata searchability and accessibility. Read More

Considering Tape for Backup and Archive: Five Key Points

Tape technology has proven to be the cost leader in backup and archive for years and that is not changing anytime soon. With significant capacity advancements with every new tape generation, the cost per gigabyte of tape storage continues to decrease with each new technology upgrade, meaning even rapidly growing environments where data growth often outpaces budgets can harness the advantages of tape for backup and archive. Here are some major reasons why you should consider implementing tape technology in your data storage environment for backup and archive:

  1. Cheaper than Cloud

How does tape technology compare to some of the cloud-based archiving options on the market today? The reality is that all on-premise storage is more affordable than cloud storage for long-term use. Cloud’s greatest cost advantage is that it is billed monthly as an operational expense, which translates into a very low cost of acquisition when compared to the greater upfront investment required to purchase tape hardware. The key to a comprehensive cost analysis is to evaluate the total solution, how long data needs to be kept and how much data will be stored over time. When data capacity is high and moderate retention periods are in place, the cost of cloud quickly adds up. It’s not the storing of data per se that is expensive on the cloud, but rather the cost to move it and access it (egress charges). Get a full TCO comparison of tape and cloud in this white paper. Read More

Data Resiliency: What You Need to Know

The term “data resiliency” refers to data’s ability to “spring back” in situations where it is compromised. Data resiliency relates to digitally preserving organizational assets in the event of a natural disaster or data center corruption by means of redundant components and data availability. It is essentially an organization’s ability to avoid unexpected disruptions to data workflows.

The idea is that, in the event that data in a specific location becomes corrupted or is inaccessible, availability is improved when multiple copies of data are stored in multiple locations. Users and applications are still able to access data so long as they are directed to a secondary location where the same data is not compromised. Ultimately, to ensure data resiliency, organizations must protect data in a number of different locations. When data from one location fails, a redundant copy of data seamlessly takes over, allowing users and applications to continue undisrupted operations. Read More

2021 Data Storage Outlook Report Insight: Storage Technologies and Advancements

A 2018 IDC report, commissioned by Seagate Technology, predicts that the Global Datasphere will grow to 175 zettabytes (ZB) of digital data by 2025. While this report took a top-down appraisal of the creation of all digital content, the “stored” digital universe is therefore a smaller subset of the entire digital universe as projected. There is a small likelihood of a constrained supply of storage to meet the needs of the digital universe through 2031 – much of this data will never be stored, will be retained for only a brief time, or will be compressed for longer retention.

Here are some of the expected technical advances in storage technologies Spectra discussed in its sixth annual 2021 Data Storage Outlook report: Read More

2021 Data Storage Outlook Report Insight: A New Model for Data Storage

This year’s annual Data Storage Outlook report from Spectra Logic (our sixth) explores how the world manages, accesses, uses and preserves its ever-growing data repositories. It also covers the strategies designed to protect the data being created now and for generations to come. While predicting the future is riskier than ever due to the pandemic and its impact on the world’s economy, planning ahead will continue to be crucial for organizations looking to pivot fast and innovate anew in the face of technology challenges.

The next storage architecture: the two-tier paradigm

The traditional file-based storage interface is well suited to in-progress work but breaks down at web scale. Object storage, on the other hand, is built for scale. Rather than attempting to force all storage into a single model, increasing scale, level of collaboration and diversity of workflows are driving users toward a new model for data storage – a sensible combination of both. Read More

Spectra Logic’s Data Storage Outlook 2021 Report Encourages Organizations to Plan Ahead, Pivot Fast and Innovate Anew

Report gives a comprehensive look into future of several data storage technologies, including flash, magnetic disk, tape, hybrid cloud, persistent memory and optical

Dedicated solely to storage innovation for more than 40 years, Spectra Logic closely collaborates with customers and partners worldwide to develop and provide data storage and data management solutions that solve the problem of digital preservation for organizations dealing with exponential data growth. Spectra’s uncompromising product and customer focus allows it to maintain a keen pulse on the industry and a discerning awareness of the global market. Read More

A Look behind the Scenes at Some of the People that Help Spectra Customers Thrive

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

Last week I shared some of Spectra’s customers and why they choose to work with Spectra. Today, I want to introduce you to some of the people behind the scenes.

Here’s the thing about Spectra. Our average tenure is eight years, and even though I’m in my 16th year at Spectra, there are so many people that have been here even longer than me. Overwhelmingly in employee surveys, our team shares that their Spectra associates are the best thing about the company (I’d also throw culture, longevity, reliability, and strong future in there as well). When a team works well together, it shows to the rest of the world. Read More

Spectra Logic Shares Customers Testimonials on #WhySpectra is a Trusted Technology Advisor

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

A few months ago I was chatting with Nathan Thompson, Spectra’s founder and CEO. He was coming off of a few weeks of several customer annual business reviews. He shared how happy and humbled he was to hear so many of our customers express how easy the Spectra team is to work with; what a stand-out vendor and partner Spectra is; and how Spectra has become their trusted technology advisor.

During our conversation, Nathan wondered how we could share this positive news – that Spectra Logic truly cares and will do what it takes to help our customers achieve their goals. Read More

Webinar Q&A: Seamless Tape Migration with Spectra

Welcome to Spectra’s webinar Q&A roundup. In this blog series we will pick relevant questions from our recent webinars and publish the responses here. 


Spectra Logic recently hosted a virtual presentation on data technology migration with Spectra CTO Matt Starr and renowned industry expert Fred Moore of Horison Information Strategies. During the webinar we reviewed what it means when your storage vendor has put the brakes on supporting, upgrading and investing in their media, drives and hardware. We also explored ways to displace unsupported storage solutions. The following questions and answers recap highlights covered in the recent webinar. Read More

SpectraLIVE Best Practices: What You Missed from the Virtual Conference

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

This week, Spectra hosted SpectraLIVE Best Practices, a free virtual conference geared towards IT professionals, data storage managers, technology partners and value-added resellers looking to learn more about industry best practices, trends and technology updates. Event presentations provided attendees with expert insight into building a robust backup plan, what’s current in archive, leveraging cloud storage and implementing a storage lifecycle management solution.

Here’s a quick recap of each session:

Building a Robust Backup Strategy has become an increasingly important topic for organizations given the rise of ransomware. Data can also be deleted, corrupted, lost or destroyed by a natural disaster. Watch this webinar with Spectra’s CTO Matt Starr and IT Director Tony Mendoza as they dive a little deeper into the best storage mediums (disk, tape, cloud) for backup. They’ll cover why it is so important to maintain an offline copy of data and how Spectra was able to get up and running after a ransomware attack without having to pay a ransom. Catch it on-demand here.  Read More