New 2022 Tape Market Report Now Available

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic, along with 27 other member organizations of the Tape Storage Council (TSC), has issued the 2022 edition of the TSC Market Outlook report. This 10-year-old organization is a collaborative industry group that shares and promotes current trends, usages, and technology innovations occurring within the tape industry.

The new TSC Market Outlook report covers a number of trends, including sustainability, security and data accessibility. It also details 2021 LTO tape capacity shipped — a record at 148 exabytes, which is up 40% compared to 2020.

The TSC expects tape to play a strong role in the future of the world’s IT ecosystem, addressing massive data growth and the continuous need for cost-effective storage. Key trends include:

  • Favorable economics. Data-intensive applications and workflows fuel new tape growth due to its significant total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages.
  • Security. Tape’s inherent air gap provides additional levels of cybercrime defense.
  • Data accessibility. Tape performance improves access times and throughput.
  • Sustainability. Tape plays a significant role in green data center strategies.
  • Optimization. Tape-based active archives boost storage optimization, providing dynamic efficiencies and fast data access for archival storage systems.

At Spectra, our conversations with clients are expanding into ransomware resiliency and cloud, as our solution set enlarges to provide attack-hardened hardware and software to address complex data management and storage challenges. These solutions help customers manage and store data on-premises and in multiple clouds.

Even as Spectra continues to innovate new, exciting data management and storage solutions, tape remains a mainstay of the company’s offerings and an industry de facto standard for delivering “forever storage” in M&E, HPC, higher education, and other data-intensive industries.

Read the 2022 TSC Annual Report:

Learn about Spectra’s solution set: /products/

Read Spectra’s Data Storage Outlook: /data-storage-outlook-report/

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