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Customer Reference Program

Spectra strives to bring additional value to its customers through mutually beneficial public relations and marketing initiatives offered through our Customer Reference Program. We understand that your time is very valuable, and have designed each CRP activity to be conducted efficiently, with minimal effort required of our customer members, while achieving maximum exposure and benefits.

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Spectra Logic offers end-to-end storage and data management solutions for demanding workflows. This video captures the way Spectra helps media professionals create, manage, store, distribute and monetize their digital assets for the long term.

This short fun animated video shows how Spectra’s Vail, a distributed multi-cloud software, unifies data to enable on-premises applications and cloud services — no matter where data is created or stored.


SpectraLIVE: A Look at Sustainability in Data Storage

During this informative webinar, you will hear from Dr. Alastair Dewhurst, GridPP Tier-1 Manager at UK Science and Technology Facilities Council – STFC; Rich Gadomski, Head of Tape Evangelism at Fujifilm; and Matt Ninesling, Senior Director, Tape Portfolio Management at Spectra Logic, on what’s happening with climate change, the energy crisis, and rising costs. You’ll learn what steps IT professionals can take to address these topics and discover what technologies best support the move to a sustainable future.

SpectraLIVE Virtual Conference: In Case You Missed It Edition

Building Cyber Resiliency with Spectra & Veeam

View this webinar as Spectra and Veeam walk through what creating a “cyber-resilient” framework looks like – from strategy to execution – so that you can quickly and reliably recover from a ransomware or malware event.

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White Papers

 | Size: 4 MB May 24, 2022 2022 Tape Market Outlook Report  | Size: 2 MB May 11, 2022 Data Storage Outlook 2022  | Size: 2 MB Feb 24, 2022 Understanding LTO-9 Tape Technology  | Size: 880 KB Feb 16, 2022 Customized Storage Lifecycle Management with the StorCycle API  | Size: 219 KB Jan 28, 2022 How to Optimize IT for a Distributed Cloud World  | Size: 2 MB Jan 17, 2022 StorCycle Cost Savings Advantages for Managing and Storing Data  | Size: 1 MB Jan 7, 2022 Multi-Petabyte Storage Environments: Sharing and Storing Strategies for Data- Intensive Organizations  | Size: 1 MB Dec 22, 2021 Extending Glacier Services for Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Storage  | Size: 3 MB Oct 20, 2021 Attack Hardened Storage: Building Data Resilience from External and Internal Threats with the BlackPearl Platform  | Size: 5 MB Oct 20, 2021 USGS Deploys Hybrid Cloud Storage to Accelerate the Understanding of our Planet  | Size: 4 MB Aug 31, 2021 ESG eBook - The Transformational Rise of Active Archives  | Size: 12 KB Dec 23, 2020 2020 Tape Storage Council Newsletter  | Size: 1 B Nov 23, 2020 Protecting Your Business from Ransomware  | Size: 1 MB Nov 10, 2020 How We Overcame a Ransomware Attack  | Size: 1 MB Oct 29, 2020 How Can Storage Lifecycle Management Software Help Your Organization?  | Size: 14 MB Sep 24, 2020 How to Store and Protect an Exabyte  | Size: 1 MB Aug 31, 2020 Horison Tape Air Gap 2020  | Size: 1 MB Jun 11, 2020 Evaluator Group Lab test of Spectra Storcycle Storage Lifecycle Management Software  | Size: 1 MB Feb 20, 2020 Comparing Tape and Cloud Storage for Long-Term Data Preservation  | Size: 1 MB Jan 29, 2020 BlackPearl Object Storage Disk Low-Cost Solution for Media and Entertainment  | Size: Jan 16, 2020 The Ascent to Hyperscale - Fred Moore  | Size: 1 MB Oct 30, 2019 Spectra StorCycle for Media & Entertainment  | Size: 1 MB Oct 7, 2019 Reintroducing Tape to the Modern Data Center  | Size: 1 MB Oct 7, 2019 Reducing the High Cost of Data Management  | Size: 1 MB Sep 9, 2019 Reducing Total Cost of Storage Ownership with Storage Lifecycle Management Software  | Size: 1 MB Sep 9, 2019 Six Ways to Implement StorCycle in a Modern Storage Workflow  | Size: 1 MB Sep 9, 2019 Data Archiving Best Practices Using a Perpetual Storage Tier  | Size: 1 MB Apr 8, 2019 Spectra RioBroker: The Next Phase in the Evolution of BlackPearl Based Solutions  | Size: 1 MB Jan 11, 2019 Archiving to AWS vs. Iron Mountain - The Diminishing Point of Return Comes Quickly  | Size: 1 MB Oct 1, 2018 The Case to Modernize Storage in Media and Entertainment  | Size: 1 MB Aug 21, 2018 How to Stop Ransomware With a Simple Air Gap  | Size: 1 MB Aug 1, 2018 Technical Brief - Robotic Zoning in a TFinity Exascale Tape Library  | Size: 1 MB Jul 27, 2018 Technical Brief - Increasing File Read Throughput on Tape with TAOS  | Size: 1 MB Jul 26, 2018 Scaling the Performance Wall / Spectra Raises the Tape Performance Bar - Fred Moore  | Size: 1 MB Jul 5, 2018 How to Migrate Off Oracle Tape Libraries - Investment Protection for Drives and Media  | Size: 1 MB Jun 19, 2018 Reasons to Upgrade Legacy Middleware  | Size: 3 MB May 3, 2018 Migrate Your Existing Tapes & Tape Drives to Spectra's Spectra Stack Modern Tape Library  | Size: 1 MB Jan 2, 2018 Integrate BlackPearl Object Storage Anywhere - Customer Created Clients Using Free & Open Source Tools  | Size: 1 MB Aug 1, 2017 Disaster Recovery for Media & Entertainment with Spectra BlackPearl  | Size: 1 MB Mar 26, 2017 White Paper: BlackPearl Object Storage Disk Disk-Only Solution for Media and Entertainment
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