At Spectra Logic, we understand the importance of having reliable data storage solutions that work seamlessly with your current infrastructure and workflows. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of hybrid cloud storage and software to meet all your data protection needs.

End-to-End Storage Solutions

On-Prem Glacier

Spectra On-Prem Glacier solutions offer an array of cost-effective and secure data storage options that deliver the performance you require to fulfill your service level objectives. These solutions make it easy to create a secure on-premises storage infrastructure compatible with Standard S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier.

Spectra Digital Archive

Spectra’s digital archive solution uses our proven digital preservation software and budget-friendly object storage disk and tape with replication to the public cloud. The solution provides you with long-term data preservation that is simple and cost-effective.

M&E Solutions

Spectra RioBroker software enables M&E customers to intelligently tag, move or manage content from existing middleware to on-prem or cloud storage. The solution is fully automated and provides detailed reporting of data locality. 

Secondary Storage Technologies

Hybrid Cloud

Spectra’s object cloud storage solutions allow you to protect your backup and long-term data securely and efficiently, either on-premises or in the cloud. With our On-Prem Glacier solutions, you get a range of options for cost-effective data storage while maintaining top-notch security and performance.

Network Attached Storage

Spectra NAS is a user-friendly shared storage solution that offers dependable and secure secondary storage for a diverse range of applications. It supports multiple protocols, enabling you to cater to different storage demands and adjust to your evolving requirements.

Spectra’s advanced high-density tape technology is eco-friendly and perfectly complements your hybrid cloud storage architecture. This medium enables you to securely store large amounts of data for extended periods on immutable storage, which provides air-gap capabilities.

Use Cases

Long-term Retention

Spectra solutions provide businesses a reliable and cost-effective way to retain data for extended periods. You have the assurance that you comply with regulations, are protected against disasters, and have access to historical data when needed.

Disaster Recovery

Spectra offers solutions that can be seamlessly incorporated into your data protection strategy to enable fast and efficient data recovery in the event of a disaster. Our solutions simplify your recovery process and reduce the impact of any potential downtime.

Spectra’s storage solutions are crafted to integrate smoothly with a range of backup applications. This ensures that your businesses will have access to a reliable and secure data protection system that can grow with your needs.

Spectra’s immutable storage offers the assurance that you can recover from a ransomware attack and mitigate potential data loss. By creating immutable snapshots, implementing encryption, and creating air-gapped copies, your data will remain unaffected and can be used to restore to a previous state. 

Don't compromise security or performance. Get the best of both worlds with Spectra Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions.

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