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BlackPearl S3: Scalable on-premises storage that extends to the cloud​

On-Prem Hybrid Cloud Storage​

BlackPearl S3 is on-prem hybrid cloud storage that offers native support for S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier* APIs. BlackPearl S3, powered by Vail, extends your on-premises storage to a glacier tier configured with tape to give exponential scalability.

Benefits of BlackPearl S3

On-Prem Hybrid Cloud Storage

  • Configurable as S3 Standard, Infrequent Access, and Glacier storage tiers
  • Optimized for storing large, unstructured datasets at a fraction of the cost of public cloud storage
  • Delivers flexibility of the cloud with on-prem performance

Security and Ransomware Resiliency

  • Object Lock (WORM) ensures data cannot be deleted or modified
  • Versioning keeps multiple versions of an object, providing recoverability of a previous version
  • Encryption at rest and in flight eliminates unintended data exposure

BlackPearl S3 Use Cases

Ideal Backup

BlackPearl S3

delivers on-prem cloud storage for modern backup applications such as Rubrik, Cohesity, Veeam and others.


BlackPearl S3

The on-prem Glacier extension enables BlackPearl S3 to be the gateway to long-term storage.


BlackPearl S3

Optimized for performance and cost, BlackPearl S3 provides on-prem cloud storage for infrequently accessed data that is offloaded from primary storage.


BlackPearl S3

Automated replication to offsite storage or public cloud offers simple disaster recovery.

BlackPearl S3 Information

*Amazon Glacier® is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.

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