BlackPearl’s Flexibility Extends to the Cloud

BlackPearl’s S3 extension enables easy-to-implement hybrid cloud storage with local S3 protocol and even failover to the public cloud. BlackPearl’s S3 extension provides storage that makes it easy for organizations to deploy an S3-based storage solution at a single site, or across multiple sites, including replication to the public cloud.

As BlackPearl is fully integrated with the public cloud, organizations can leverage cloud services and keep data locally. This allows for freedom to choose the cloud provider of your choice and leverage local storage for increased performance and application dependency.

For organizations that want to keep a copy of their data in the cloud for disaster recovery and business continuity reasons, BlackPearl has you covered. You can have a second (or third) copy of your backup data stored in the cloud, and in the event of a disaster, organizations have immediate access to the data. When the local system is operational, utilize the bi-directional synchronization to realign all data and ensure that any new data is transferred to the local system. This offers assurance that you can restore the workflows to the state prior to the disaster.

Application Integration for Superior Connectivity

BlackPearl enables organizations to store object data in cloud locations – whether in a public cloud, on-premises or both. BlackPearl can integrate public cloud storage and services to your local data through BlackPearl’s replication process. Leverage any number of applications that support S3 connectivity with an appliance that can affordably store all your application’s data. You can easily extend your workflows to the public cloud with BlackPearl’s S3 extension.

The BlackPearl platform leverages an S3 protocol to deliver object storage for unstructured data and eliminates the scaling limitations of traditional file storage. All the major public cloud providers, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, leverage object storage as their primary storage. Object storage is optimal for storing large volumes of unstructured data such as audio, video, emails, health records, and documents.

Bi-Directional Cloud Synchronization

The BlackPearl platform with the S3 extension has the capability to create a bucket where content exists both on BlackPearl storage and on S3 cloud storage. In this mode, customers can add to a bucket’s content or access a bucket’s data – either through a connection to the cloud or through a local on-premises BlackPearl.

For example, an AWS S3 bucket could be synched to on-prem storage based on a pre-defined bucket policy. This is a critical differentiator and a valuable feature of BlackPearl. Users can ingest and access objects, either through a BlackPearl or directly to the cloud bucket, and BlackPearl will apply the same policies. This means that a remote user can put objects into an AWS bucket and the new or changed data will be synchronized with local storage.

BlackPearl also has the ability to back up cloud buckets to a local system. BlackPearl can back up a standard AWS S3 bucket, whether that bucket is being accessed through the external S3 interface or internally through an application that is running in the cloud. All data can be protected to a local system creating a copy of the data to allow for cloud freedom. Data can be migrated or moved to any cloud without paying egress fees. Save the time and cost by moving data from your local storage to a cloud of your choice.

BlackPearl for S3 Use Case

The Goal:
Fulfill an organizational cloud mandate and still maintain control and accessibility of the company’s data.

The Challenge:
Maintain application integration to data regardless of whether if is stored in the cloud or locally. Additionally, integrate into the public cloud so the organization can use AI / facial recognition compute services and retrieve data back to their local system for further use.

The Solution:
The goal was to outsource mass data from the production area in such a way that it would be highly available. After looking at using a public cloud provider, the costs were prohibitive. With backup data, the amount of data is often so large that a costly, high-performance internet connection is required to keep recovery time down. As an alternative to the public cloud an on-premises private cloud solution based on BlackPearl was selected to integrate storage and cloud needs into a single workflow. The BlackPearl storage solution offers management simplicity similar to a public cloud, but because it’s in the company’s own data center, it doesn’t require a cost-intensive, high bandwidth internet connection. In addition, BlackPearl’s scale-up object storage architecture can be scaled to unlimited capacities.

*Amazon Glacier is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.

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