Tape Archive Platform As-a-Service

Modern data storage with benefits of traditional tape technology in a cloud-based, as-a-service model

Archive as-a-service


TAPAS (Tape Archive Platform As-a-Service), co-developed by Spectra and Geyser Data, is transforming the data archiving landscape. This pioneering Tape-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution merges the unmatched durability, security, and cost-effectiveness of tape storage with the agility of a subscription model.

TAPAS provides seamless integration with Amazon S3 and S3 Glacier, offering superior performance over public cloud storage without requiring specialized skills or upfront investments. Enjoy enterprise-class archiving that’s simple, reliable, and sustainable.

Experience the future of data archiving with TAPAS, combining traditional tape benefits with modern cloud flexibility.

Read the press release announcing the partnership with Geyser Data.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Tape Archive Platform As-a-Service

  • 01 No Capital Investment
  • 02 Ease of Use
  • 03 Scales with your needs via subscription
  • 04 No Egress Fees
  • 05 Supports Data Sovereignty
  • 06 Simple per-tape pricing
  • 07 Dedicated tape for each customer
  • 08 Access to physical tapes if needed
  • 09 Data retrieval in seconds to minutes
  • 10 Replicate data to major cloud providers


  • Simple and seamless data integration Copy data to all major clouds, enabling cold data to be easily leveraged by AI, analytics or other applications.
  • User-determined data residency Designate the physical locality of data, avoiding unanticipated data residency, localization or sovereignty issues.
  • Fast and free data retrieval Retrieve data in milliseconds to seconds to minutes, depending on storage policies. No access charges or egress fees are associated with data retrieval or removal.
  • Enhanced data security Reduce exposure to cyber threats like ransomware by using dedicated tapes, physically segregating your data and enabling true air-gapped isolation.
  • Extended data longevity Avoid traditional 3 to 5-year hardware refresh cycles; LTO-9 tape longevity is 30 years conservatively.
  • Positive environmental impact Tape storage emits 95% less CO2 than hard disk drive-based storage, consumes 87% less power and generates 80% less e-waste.


Standard S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier Compatible

Fully interoperable with any Amazon S3 or S3 Glacier application.

Leading Tape Library Technology

Spectra Cube tape library is designed for clouds and optimized for ease of use.

Defend Against Ransomware

Data are stored on dedicated tapes with 256-bit encryption at rest, physical access controls, and air-gapped isolation.

Intuitive and Flexible User Interface

Geyser Data software enables fast and efficient provisioning, management, monitoring, billing and instantiation of the TAPAS offering.

Highest Quality Standards for Tape Media

Spectra Certified Media ensures the most reliable and worry-free data protection possible with LTO-9 media.

Simple and Flexible Subscription Pricing

Cost-effective solution based on the number of tape cartridges used, with no retrieval or egress fees.

TAPAS Use Cases

Designed to work with modern applications that support S3 and S3 Glacier targets.

TAPAS Solution

Tape Archive Platform As-a-Service archives data at scale in the cloud. It is easy to consume, more cost-effective than comparable cloud-based cold storage services and does not require special skills, significant capital investments or on-premises infrastructure.


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Ready, Set, Save

Save cold hard cash with your cold data

Eliminate expensive retrieval and egress fees with Tape Archive Platform As-a-Service.