Life Sciences

Digital Preservation for Life Science Datasets


Life Science datasets are growing exponentially due to ever-expanding advances in biomedical research technology. Instruments such as electron microscopes, DNA sequencers and spectrometers, among hundreds of other scientific tools, create petabytes to exabytes of data per year. Once the data is collected, it is filtered, analyzed and shared. In all of these steps, the data must be safely and securely stored and archived. Spectra Logic works with many research universities and life science customers to build seamless and cost-effective ways to store projects and data workflows that adhere to varying retention requirements.

Key Considerations

  • Life Sciences is creating large amounts of data that should never be deleted
  • Data cannot be recreated, so multiple copies must be made
  • Research can take years or decades and data needs to be available
  • Data must be shared with other groups or organizations
  • Inactive data is taking up space on primary storage

The Solution

In an ideal environment, data will transfer to both scratch and backup simultaneously. Data is moved to an accessible tier of storage after a determined amount of time. Multiple copies can be made to ensure data is available and shareable if needed.  Spectra’s easy-to-manage data storage and data management  solutions, including its data management software, low-cost tape, disk, and object storage systems, make storing, accessing, collaborating and preserving data  easy and affordable. For data-driven organizations, Spectra’s broad range of solutions can protect their data long-term as well as their budgets.

Key Benefits

  • Achieves unlimited scalability with disk and tape
  • Complements primary storage with a perpetual storage tier, lowering overall cost of data ownership
  • Monitors and migrates data intelligently across multiple storage devices and media types
  • Maintains fast access for all users anywhere
  • Provides a familiar interface to archived data
  • Delivers open standard technology
  • Makes a cloud copy easily for backup and disaster recovery
  • The Spectra solution easily fits into research facilities for HCS (High Content Screening), Neurobiology Miniscope, Flow Cytometry, Transgenic Animal, Genomics, Stem Cell and Protein Studies, and more

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