High Performance Computing

Massive Storage for Complex HPC Workloads


High performance environments continually test the limits of technology and require peak performance and durability to enhance speed and compute power. Therefore, it’s essential for HPC infrastructures to deploy scalable, affordable and reliable data storage solutions to support these ultra-demanding HPC environments. As HPC workloads intensify due to applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, organizations require data storage technology that undergirds large computing ecosystems so they can solve the world’s most complex problems and advance scientific and societal discovery.

Key Considerations

  • Data repositories will continue to grow due to powerful processing, advanced modeling, simulations, analytics, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence in HPC
  • On-premises storage remains vital for speed, control and costs
  • Flexibility, reliability, scalability and capacity are HPC data storage essentials

The Solution

With its broad range of rugged, high-capacity data management and storage solutions, Spectra is uniquely positioned to support HPC environments. Spectra’s reliable, scalable and high-capacity tape library solution is the storage choice for the e largest HPC environments in the world. Solid, flexible and fast, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library is the world’s largest single storage device. Spectra’s BlackPearl platform is a hardy and adaptable workhorse that easily manages tape, disk, and cloud storage. Spectra’s data management software portfolio extends data access, protection and archiving to new levels.


Key Benefits

  • Fast, scalable, high-capacity data protection
  • Superior reliability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Air gap for ransomware resilience
  • Long-term data retention for future use
  • Excellent customer and product support for HPC environments

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