Industry Focus

High-Performance Computing

Readily create multi‑exabyte scale archives that deliver extreme density, significant energy savings & HPC-specific storage management integrations.

What we deliver

High-performance archival for data at scale

High-performance computing environments require continuous peak performance from all elements of the infrastructure. Archives are no exception. And engineering solutions that perform reliably under the most demanding conditions are the rule at Spectra Logic. You’ll find our high-performance tape libraries used by many of the world’s premiere computing facilities and in advanced fields of research that are changing our understanding of the world we share.

Key Considerations

  • Data repositories will continue to grow due to powerful processing, advanced modeling, simulations, analytics, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence in HPC
  • On-premises storage remains vital for speed, control and costs
  • Flexibility, reliability, scalability and capacity are HPC data storage essentials

The Solution

With a broad range of high-capacity data management and storage solutions, Spectra is uniquely positioned to support HPC environments. Reliable, scalable and high-capacity Spectra tape library solutions are the storage of choice for the largest HPC environments in the world. Solid, flexible and fast, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale tape library is the world’s largest single storage device. The Spectra BlackPearl platform is a hardy and adaptable workhorse that easily manages tape, disk, and cloud storage. The Spectra data management software portfolio extends data access, protection and archiving to new levels.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, scalable, high-capacity data protection

  • Superior reliability

  • Disaster recovery

  • Air gap for ransomware resilience

  • Long-term data retention for future use

  • Excellent customer and product support for HPC environments


"We have to store a lot of data for long periods of time. A single microscope can capture 10TB of data in as little as a few hours, and a published breakthrough on cancer research can take anywhere from a few years to a couple of decades. The BlackPearl and tape solution from Spectra provides a scalable and cost-effective way to store multiple data workflows with varying retention requirements."

Jeffrey McDonald Director of IT, Hormel Institute at University of Minnesota

The new library has just shy of 14,000 slots for tapes. We were able to easily move all 70 petabytes of existing data into the new system and have grown to 104 petabytes in sixze and have plenty of room for at least a year or two before we have to start thinking about expanding.

HPC Linux Systems Engineer OLCF

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A Spectra Digital Archive solution can help automate your data compliance, with predictably affordable savings & airtight security that’s never hit or miss.


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