How to Survive a Ransomware Attack: An On-Demand Webinar

“Ransomware is the gift that keeps on taking,” according to ESG Industry Analyst Christophe Bertrand at the beginning of this thought-provoking webinar. The increasing aggressiveness of threat actors and the high cost of paying ransoms, combined with the lack of skillsets in IT departments, is creating the perfect storm and is why one in five organizations is saying cybersecurity is a top concern. ESG research shows that cybersecurity spending is leading IT budgets, and learning how others have dealt with ransomware attacks is one way to figure out where to invest.

With 63% of organizations being impacted by ransomware attacks, it’s not hard to find these stories… but it is hard to find an organization that is willing to share the specifics of the attack. Spectra Logic is one of those organizations. In this discussion, learn how Spectra Logic faced this worst-case scenario and recovered our data and systems without paying millions of dollars in ransom.

Enterprise Strategy Group moderates this exciting panel discussion and provides insights from Spectra’s IT Director, Tony Mendoza, Fujifilm’s Head of Tape Evangelism, Rich Gadomski, and Iron Mountain’s Director of Technology Services, Paul Luppino. This group also discusses the benefits of tape as part of an organization’s data protection strategy. You’ll hear about how to create air-gapped, immutable copies of data and how to approach intelligent archiving, as well as ways to strengthen ransomware resiliency and disaster recovery.

Check it out here.