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Spectra Logic Benefits, Perks and Culture

For the past 40 years, Spectra Logic has been a company dedicated to promoting corporate culture and inclusivity among its employees. Spectra Logic provides a casual work environment, competitive benefits and salary, and a compensation structure that rewards hard work and abilities. Our people are what we value most, which is why we offer them excellent perks, benefits and company activities aimed at making Spectra an enjoyable place to work.

Health & Fitness

Spectra provides its associates with a multitude of activities that foster a fun, active and healthy lifestyle. Spectra’s world headquarters in Boulder, CO, is surrounded by running trails, and is located just a short distance from the Boulder Reservoir and Coot Lake recreation areas. Cruiser bikes, pinball machines, foosball and ping pong tables, horseshoes, and a sand volleyball court, are all available for employees to enjoy on their breaks. The location also features two well-equipped onsite gyms, with a large space for personal training/group instruction, and a smaller space convenient for drop-in cardio and strength training workouts. A variety of beginner and high-intensity strength & conditioning classes are offered each week by local personal trainer Judd NeSmith. Read More

Spectra Logic: A Year in Review

As we reflect on the past calendar year, Spectra Logic has much to celebrate. We accomplished a lot in 2018, and are looking forward to an even more successful 2019.

Here is a recap of some of our top achievements:

1) Customer Wins: Several major customers deployed Spectra storage solutions in 2018, including the University of South Dakota, the Advanced Computing Center for Research & Education at Vanderbilt University, BFI, ITV and Cisneros Media, to name but a few. Spectra is proud to offer its solutions to prominent organizations across several vertical markets around the globe. Spectra’s focus on modern, forward-looking storage solutions and its commitment to research and development has underpinned its continued success in 2018 in both the high performance computing (HPC) and media and entertainment (M & E) markets. Read More

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

For this year’s holiday celebration, Spectra Logic certainly decked the halls, heedless of the wind and weather. The company’s annual holiday party was hosted at its headquarters in Boulder, CO. The entire building was packed with Spectra associates and their families, enjoying hors d’oeuvres, libations, and most of all, each other’s company.

The event featured contributions from every department, who formed into groups loosely based on world regions and each created singular themed environments. Spectra employees and loved ones got to enjoy seven different parties throughout the building. Attendees were given a passport to stamp at each location, and those who visited every region were eligible to turn in their passport to enter a prize drawing. Read More

New Storage System Boosts Efficiency to Better Preserve OLCF User Data

High Performance Storage HPC Storage device image

by Elizabeth Rosenthal
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Results from supercomputer simulations will reside in modernized tape library

Tape recorders and videocassette tapes may be considered archaic in the entertainment industry, but magnetic tape storage remains one of the most durable, secure, and cost-effective ways to archive big data generated by supercomputers.

After researchers run code on high-performance computing (HPC) systems, key results are initially stored on disks and then transferred to tape libraries for long-term storage. These systems contain tape drives that write data onto magnetic tape and hundreds or thousands of tape cartridges. Robotic arms place these cartridges in slots for safekeeping and retrieve them when users need to access data to cite experiment outcomes in academic articles or share accomplishments with colleagues. Read More

Comparing Tape and Cloud Storage for Long-Term Data Preservation

TAM Image showing Long Term Data PreservationWith the retention life of data increasing, many organizations are trying to determine the best long-term storage strategy for the future. To do this, organizations must analyze the reliability, security and speed of data storage solutions, including both cloud and tape storage. “Comparing Tape and Cloud Storage for Long-Term Data Preservation”, a white paper published this month by Spectra Logic, explores how a hybrid archive solution, consisting of both cloud and tape, may be deployed to optimize the strengths of each medium while reducing risks of storage failure. Read More

4 Reasons Why The HPC Community Chooses TFinity

High performance computing (HPC) environments continually test the limits of technology and require peak performance from equipment—including storage. Spectra Logic builds some of the largest storage systems in the world. Spectra’s TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library, deployed in many HPC environments across the globe, is under continuous improvement to deliver the highest possible value for HPC customers. When it comes to storing data in HPC environments, organizations choose to work with Spectra because of our company culture and technology advancements. Developments like the TeraPack®, Time-Based Access Ordering System (TAOS) and TFinity Zoning provide unsurpassed performance, reliability, and scalability.  Spectra’s data storage solutions help push the boundaries of operational objectives. Read More

#SC18: Trends from the Show Floor

Supercomputing 2018 Spectra Booth

Last week, Spectra Logic exhibited at one of its largest industry trade shows of the year: Supercomputing 2018. Also referred to as SC18, Supercomputing is an international event dedicated to showcasing work in high performance computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis. The show was held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, and was attended by HPC professionals from around the globe. This year’s conference also celebrated 30 years of the SC Conference Series and included anniversary exhibits that provided attendees with an opportunity to review and celebrate the collective accomplishments in HPC. Read More

Supercomputing in Education: How Spectra Has Become the Standard for Storage in University Research Environments

Spectra HPC Research Data Storage Solutions Banner

Universities looking to contribute to society and attract top-tier employees and students from around the globe have found that investing in research and innovation is key to maintaining and growing their competitive edge. Engaging in groundbreaking research, their onsite labs, computational clusters and storage networks can be comparable in performance and capacity to many institutional high-performance computing (HPC) platforms.

University supercomputing environments can generate massive amounts of invaluable data from digital projects that must be stored and protected forever per extensive governmental security requirements.  These research institutions often handle a number of different user needs and navigate the data storage requirements of not only departments, researchers and grant projects across campus, but also external partners and industry collaborators.  Spectra has worked closely with numerous higher education organizations throughout the years, providing cost-effective data storage solutions that help them outperform short- and long-term goals. Find out what we’ve learned about performance, growth, and environmental needs in these educational environments below. Read More

TS1160 Technology Advancements Benefit Customers with Vast Data Storage Requirements

Spectra Logic this week announced the support of the new IBM® TS1160 tape drive and media in the TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library and Spectra® T950, T950V, and T380 tape libraries. This marks another milestone for the enterprise tape market with the new TS1160 tape drive capable of storing up to 20TB of uncompressed data on a single JE media cartridge.  It also means that a TFinity ExaScale tape library can hold over 800PB of uncompressed data or over 2EB of data with full compression in a single tape library, making it the largest data storage machine on the market today. The new drive also has improved throughput of 400 MB/s, enabling a fully loaded TFinity with 144 TS1160 drives to transfer data at a rate of over 57.5GB/s. This high level of throughput is not found on any other archive storage machine. Read More

Scaling Storage in Multi-Use Supercomputing Research Environments: ACCRE at Vanderbilt

Supercomputing research environments in universities must often accommodate different user needs, navigating the storage requirements of not only departments and researchers across campus, but also meeting the standards of external partners and industry collaborators.

This is certainly the case for the Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education (ACCRE) at Vanderbilt University, the foremost resource for the high-performance computing requirements of the various research teams and grant projects across the Vanderbilt community. Over 50 departments and more than 850 researchers turn to ACCRE for a multitude of services, from utilizing their Big Data cluster, to leveraging their large high-bandwidth distributed storage network, to employing their tape backup services. Read More