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Three Key Ways to Increase Data Protection with Storage Lifecycle Management Software

Organizations desire an easy way to move inactive data off of the expensive Primary Tier of storage to lower-cost long-term storage, including cloud, disk, and tape. Software that provides this type of data movement capability is referred to as Storage Lifecycle Management Software. Yet, a storage lifecycle management software solution which is capable of offloading data to lower cost storage should not be limited to simply moving files from one storage location to another. Modern Storage Lifecycle Management Software should also be capable of securely storing the data for long periods of time or forever, ensuring that migrated data is safe and protected and allowing users to make copies of any data file for disaster recovery (DR) purposes. Read More

Data Reduction in Primary Storage: How to Improve Performance and Lower Costs with StorCycle

More than 80 percent of data is being stored on the wrong tier of storage, costing organizations millions of dollars a year. The cost benefit of managing data to different storage targets based on usage is generally well accepted in the data storage industry, and modern storage lifecycle management software can be used to reduce the overall cost of storing data by up to 70 percent. However, organizations can be hesitant to put their data on these lower-cost storage locations because it may be difficult to identify and move the inactive data. Read More

The Simple Truth About Storage Tiering: Stop Wasting Money on Costly Data Management

Tiered storage is generally accepted as the prime methodology to reduce data storage costs and improve storage efficiency. Its objective is to minimize storage costs by storing data on a range of different storage media that balance performance, functionality and capacity needs.

Traditionally, data storage has been defined by the technology leveraged to protect data using a hierarchical pyramid structure, with the top of the pyramid designated for SSD to store ‘hot’ data, SATA HDDs used to store ‘warm’ data and tape used for the base of the pyramid to archive ‘cold’ data. Read More

Spectra Logic Grows Worldwide Presence with New Partners

The Spectra Logic Channel Program boasts over 800 worldwide channel partners. Spectra’s attention to these partnerships and dedicated business relationships have helped drive the success of its solutions in markets across the globe. The company’s channel activities, strategy and growth have been recognized for their excellence by prestigious industry awards multiple years in a row.

Spectra Logic understands the channel’s essential role in helping customers build modern data storage infrastructures and Spectra continues to forge new strategic relations that expand its technology partnerships, distribution and value added reseller (VAR) opportunities worldwide. Read More

Five Major Obstacles to Optimal Data Management

Data-driven organizations have large amounts of digital assets that are critical to their businesses and are growing exponentially. That’s because organizations are finding new ways to use data they collect to further their goals. In 2018 alone, 97.2 percent of organizations reportedly invested in big data and artificial intelligence.

Why is it then that many still stress over the growth of data? Given that data is now widely accepted as the single greatest asset of any given organization, it seems that data growth should be a point of anticipation. The main reasons for contention seem to be the cost of storage solutions, hardware footprint and the management of the physical storage itself. So how can organizations leverage data management to maximize efficiencies, create further value and bring down storage costs? And what barriers stand in their way today? Read More

From Identification to Migration, Protection and Access: Spectra StorCycle

As the expansion of data continues to accelerate, organizations face an ever-increasing need to find affordable, creative solutions to the problem of long-term data retention and protection. Most IT administrators are caught between a rock and a hard place. They are running out of space on their expensive, high performing storage systems, but simply don’t have the budget to increase the size of those systems to accommodate the extreme performance required by today’s business applications, as well as for the economical long-term data preservation. Read More

Tape in the Modern Data Center – Join the eBook Series Webinar by Storage Switzerland

In the new era in which data reigns supreme, many IT professional are convinced that tape storage is no longer a necessity in modern infrastructures. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that applications for tape libraries have never been more abundant as tape technology has advanced and established a relevant position in current data centers. Instead of going away, tape is marching forward, delivering much lower costs, improved energy savings, increased security, and decades-long shelf life, to name but a few benefits. Read More

HSM vs. Storage Management Software – Key Differences to Consider

Words matter… so do acronyms. We’ve seen a new category of storage management software developed which is being referred to as, you guessed it, “Storage Management Software.” Some have questioned whether this is something new or if it is just another offering of HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management). There are differences between the two categories. This isn’t just about product positioning or marketing; it’s about what certain products do or don’t do and whether or not they are a fit for your data center or a specific need. Both solution types are designed to keep frequently accessed data on the fastest storage (usually the most expensive and least dense) while moving inactive data to slower storage (usually much less expensive and significantly more dense). How the solutions accomplish this is very different. Read More

Introducing StorCycle®: The Modern Answer to the Problem of How to Manage and Protect Expanding Data Sets

Today marks a significant milestone in Spectra Logic’s history. That’s because we are announcing StorCycle, a new storage lifecycle management software that will enable customers to identify, migrate, protect and access their large amounts of data – easily, economically and safely – for as long as they need to do so.

Working closely with our thousands of customers and channel partners, we realized that there was an imminent problem with storing expanding repositories of data on expensive primary storage. With Spectra’s 40-year history of solving customer’s data storage problems, we decided to design, engineer and deliver a new storage lifecycle management software solution: Spectra StorCycle. Read More

Spectra Storage Crisis Lifeline is in Place to Support Customers Through 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The months of June through November, commonly known as the Atlantic hurricane season, historically mark the time of the year when the greatest amount of tropical cyclones appear in the Northern Hemisphere’s Atlantic basin – bringing a host of dangerous weather to the United States’ eastern coast. Affected areas include the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. While preseason reports predicted a near-normal season, NOAA forecasters tracking oceanic and atmospheric patterns indicate that circumstances are now more likely to manifest above-normal hurricane activity. Two named storms have formed so far this year and the peak months of the hurricane season are now underway. Bi-weekly forecasts are also available through Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project here. Read More