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BlackPearl NAS is the ideal solution for organizations from Enterprise IT to Media and Entertainment and everything in between. Designed around its cost-effective, scalable storage solution, the BlackPearl platform is made to handle a variety of workloads, to be a backup target or data offload storage destination, among others. When the base NAS platform is expanded, it becomes the perfect springboard solution that is flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing list of storage requirements.

The BlackPearl platform also offers optional enhancements that can be installed to provide increased performance for workflows needing additional throughput. Optional NMVe drives can be added to increase read and write performance, as well as provide the power to allow multiple-stream workflows. This enables multiple applications and users to simultaneously leverage the shared storage solution.

BlackPearl NAS is the optimal platform for mid-tier data as it provides self-protecting, flexible and affordable secondary storage. It is the only NAS solution on the market that can be upgraded and enhanced through a number of different software and hardware extensions while delivering Attack-Hardened storage for a multi-cloud world.

Scale-Up Storage BlackPearl NAS:

  • Scale-up architecture built for massive growth
  • Start with tens of TB and grow to over 20PB in a single rack
  • Designed to deliver a better TCO and budget utilization
  • Multiple streams for data-intensive applications such as editing and multiple users
  • Built using OpenZFS file system for data integrity and FreeBSD for security
  • Attack Hardened for security, including self-encrypting drives

BlackPearl makes it possible to keep up with data growth while keeping data protected, preserved and cost-effective. BlackPearl’s expansion node architecture allows you to scale-up affordably while minimizing your data center footprint. BlackPearl is also designed to accommodate higher capacity drives as they become available to minimize the cost of future expansion.

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BlackPearl Capacity NAS Use Case 1

The Goal:
An organization needed to find a way to manage a growing set of data.

The Challenge:
Find a way to effectively manage and store all their data that they are required, by industry standard, to keep for a minimum of 10 years. This organization needed a solution that allowed them to identify legacy data and transparently move it to an active archive on a weekly basis. Additionally, corporate video files have been growing and needed a final resting place once the project was completed.

The Solution:
The Spectra NAS Solution is an easy-to-use appliance designed for storing large volumes of data. The Spectra NAS solution doubles as an ideal archive repository and a backup target with room to grow as data sets increase over time. Data is identified and automatically archived to the Spectra NAS solution from various storage systems, including Windows and Linux file servers, by StorCycle®. The BlackPearl platform solved the challenge of storing the growing data set, but also offered a forward-looking platform that allows for growth and changes in their environment without losing the investment they made in BlackPearl.

Data Protection NAS

BlackPearl Extends Data Protection to Storage
Protecting data is becoming more challenging as new application types, new locations and new threats emerge. Spectra’s BlackPearl NAS is an ideal platform for mid-tier data as it provides self-protecting, flexible and affordable secondary storage for data that does not require continual backup. In fact, the BlackPearl platform is the perfect platform for organizations looking to protect data using a number of different methods. Beginning with NAS and integrating with backup applications such as Veeam, Commvault, Rubrik, and Cohesity to name a few, creates a storage target that can be both economical and protected.

BlackPearl for Data Protection Use Case 2

The Goal:
Design a storage architecture that integrates with the existing backup and data protection workflow already established.

The Challenge:
Ensuring that all storage was compatible with the backup and data protection applications that were currently deployed. Additionally, the solution needs to be able to adapt to the changing requirements that the organization has. One future plan is to implement an archive and utilize other applications down the road.

The Solution:
The BlackPearl platform was deployed to be the landing zone for all backup data that was being archived by their Rubrik software. Paired with the ability to store backup data, the StorCycle storage lifecycle management software was also implemented to identify inactive data in preparation of their future archive plans.

The BlackPearl platform was deployed to be the landing zone for all backup data that was being backed up by their Rubrik software. BlackPearl provided a common NAS interface to easily integrate into their existing infrastructure and deliver economical storage that can grow and expand as their capacities grow. With BlackPearl installed this also provided a fast, recoverable, copy of data that could be instantly accessed in the event of a disaster or accidental deletion.

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