Network Attached Storage

Experience enterprise-class secondary storage with BlackPearl NAS

Flexible Shared Disk Storage

BlackPearl NAS with a scale-up architecture provides expandable enterprise-grade NAS storage. It can be deployed as either a standalone system or combined with additional software extensions as part of the BlackPearl platform. BlackPearl NAS is designed to provide secure, scalable storage for a variety of use cases, including backup, online shared storage, capacity offload, and more.

Benefits of BlackPearl NAS

Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

  • Security improves ransomware resiliency
  • Self-encrypting disks and multi-factor authentication provides additional security

Flexible for Many Workloads

  • Designed for unstructured data
  • Extensible to S3 storage with optional tape-out

Easily Expandable Bulk Storage

  • Scale-up architecture allows low-cost expansion and growth
  • Over 20PB in a single rack, expandable to hundreds of PB

BlackPearl NAS Use Cases

Ideal Backup

BlackPearl NAS

is a simple-to-deploy storage system that integrates with all major backup packages. It is designed as secondary storage with the ability to get fast access to backed up data.

Data Protection

BlackPearl NAS

has built-in attack-hardened features to provide ransomware resiliency and protection against insider threats.

Online Shared

BlackPearl NAS

is low-cost, scalable storage platform that enables data to be shared across any network.​


BlackPearl NAS

Optimized for performance and cost, BlackPearl NAS can store infrequently accessed data that is offloaded from primary storage.

BlackPearl NAS Information

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