Flexible Shared Disk Storage

BlackPearl NAS with a scale-up architecture provides expandable enterprise-grade NAS storage. It can be deployed as  either a standalone system or combined with additional software extensions as part of the BlackPearl platform. BlackPearl NAS is designed to provide secure, scalable storage for a variety of use cases, including backup, online shared storage, capacity offload, and more.

Benefits of BlackPearl NAS

Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

  • Attack-hardened security improves ransomware resiliency
  • Self-encrypting disks and multi-factor authentication provides additional security

Flexible for Many Workloads

  • Designed for unstructured data
  • Extensible to S3 storage with optional tape-out

Easily Expandable Bulk Storage

  • Scale-up architecture allows low-cost expansion and growth 
  • Over 20PB in a single rack, expandable to hundreds of PB

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Attack-Hardened Features

BlackPearl NAS has been designed to help protect and recover from ransomware attacks with its attack-hardened
feature set including:

BlackPearl NAS Use Cases

Ideal Backup Target
BlackPearl NAS is a simple-to-deploy storage system that integrates with all major backup packages. It is designed as secondary storage with the ability to get fast access to backed up data.

Data Protection Storage
BlackPearl NAS has built-in attack-hardened features to provide ransomware resiliency and protection against insider threats.

Online Shared Storage
BlackPearl NAS is low-cost, scalable storage platform that enables data to be shared across any network.​

Capacity Offload
Optimized for performance and cost, BlackPearl NAS can store infrequently accessed data that is offloaded from primary storage.

BlackPearl NAS Information

OverviewSpecificationsReference ArchitecturesExtensibility
Flexible Network Storage Solution

  • NVMe and Disk pool options
  • CIFS or NFS shares with AD/LDAP integration
  • Hardware options to support specific workflow performance needs MB/sec to GB/sec

Self-Protecting Attack-Hardened Storage

  • Multi-factor authentication, triggered snapshots, multi-site replication
  • ZFS designed for data reliability and data integrity
  • Optional self-encrypting drives for additional security

Cost-Effective Scale-Up Architecture

  • Add capacity without adding nodes – expand existing pools dynamically
  • 80TB to 20PB per system
  • Hot expandable at any time
BlackPearl V Series BlackPearl S Series BlackPearl Expansion BlackPearl Expansion
Interface CPU With Motherboard Tape Connect Network CPU With Motherboard Tape Connect Network Dual Power Supplies Dual Power Supplies
Single Up to 3 FC or SAS HBA 25 GbE Standard, 40 GbE optional Single Up to 3 FC or SAS HBA 25 GbE Standard, 40 GbE optional SAS Interface SAS Interface
Internal Disk Drives 24 x 3.5″ SAS HDD’s 60 x 3.5″ SAS HDD’s 107 x 3.5” SAS HDDs 77 x 3.5” SAS HDDs
Flash Drives (Upgrade) 6 x 6.4 TB NVMe SSD’s (Upgrade) 10 x 6.4 TB NVMe SSD’s None None
Throughput Up to 1.6 GB/s to tape sustained Up to 4 GB/s to tape sustained
Expansion Up to 10 expansion chassis* Up to 9 expansion chassis*
Capacity of Expansion 107 Drive or 77 drive expansion chassis options 107 Drive or 77 drive expansion chassis options Up to 107 Drives per 4U Chassis Up to 77 Drives per 4U Chassis

For complete specifications, please contact your Spectra Representative
* In a 42U rack

Rubrik + BlackPearl NAS
Cohesity + BlackPearl NAS
Veeam + BlackPearl NAS
Commvault + BlackPearl NAS
Capacity Offload + Pure + StorCycle + BP
BlackPearl NAS can be extended to include additional capabilities through simple software upgrades. These capabilities include:
BlackPearl S3
Delivers native on-prem S3 storage with replication to the cloud for Disaster Recovery
BlackPearl Nearline Gateway
Provides a gateway to local object storage disk and/or tape with optional replication to public cloud 
On-Premises Glacier*
Integrates with applications that support AWS Glacier to offer object storage disk and tape as an on-prem glacier tier of storage

View How BlackPearl NAS Works

Watch this video to learn about Spectra’s BlackPearl — a multi-purpose hybrid storage platform that easily and cost effectively scales up as object and file volumes grow.


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