Lifelong data: Imperial War Museum storage campaign

CIOs everywhere are obliged to procure long-term, secure storage for their organizations, but don’t hesitate to think of Ian Crawford, CIO of the Imperial War Museum (IWM). His mission is not only to store and store multimedia, which is the equivalent of five heritage sites containing highly sensitive data, but also to store it. – Read More Read More

ColorTime: Storing and Delivering Petabytes of Content with the Help of StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management Software

The best lessons are learned through experience, which is why Spectra Logic is always thrilled to share a new customer case study publicly. Spectra case studies highlight how organizations solve pressing IT and data storage challenges with the deployment of new technology, allowing existing customers and prospects alike to discover insights and practical solutions from a wide array of companies and industries. Read More

Lad Droesch
Spectra Facilities Manager

Lad Droesch

“As Spectra’s Facilities Manager, I ensure that our buildings are safe and in compliance with local and federal regulations. During the pandemic, I’ve worked hard to make sure we meet all health protocols. One of my favorite projects at Spectra was the build-out of our manufacturing structure in Boulder. It took a year, but we transformed the building into a safe, clean, efficient space to build our solutions. To celebrate before move-in, we created an obstacle course on the vast polished concrete and raced our skateboards. It was a thrill to see my then 7-year-old son on his scooter taking the lead.” Read More

Spectra Logic’s Latest StorCycle Software Release Raises the Bar for Modern Storage Lifecycle Management and Long-Term Data Protection

Boulder, Colo. – June 22, 2021  Spectra Logic, a global leader in data storage and data management solutions, today announced several enhancements to its award-winning StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management software. StorCycle software helps global organizations solve the challenges of exponential data growth by providing a better understanding of their data, migrating data to free up primary storage, protecting against ransomware attacks, and enabling disaster recovery copies of data. The new features in StorCycle 3.5 allow tiering and protection of cloud data, provide increased protection against ransomware attacks, and boost metadata searchability and accessibility, among other benefits. Read More

Raoul Steve Ngan
Enterprise Sales Representative, Southern Europe

Steve Ngan

“I love gaining knowledge — and my sales role has allowed me to learn so much from each Spectra associate as well as from our great customers and partners. I am fascinated by the blend of science and technology and it has been a thrill to work with IN2P3 (Institut national de physique nucléaire et de physique des particule), an organization that safeguards their irreplaceable scientific discoveries on a Spectra TFinity Tape Library. Spectra has given me exposure to so many bright people and I am always picking their brains and they are always happy to help.” Read More