Federal / Public Sector

Federal agencies are overwhelmed by a deluge of data. The Internet of Things, sensors, video surveillance and mobile devices all contribute to the data-growth explosion. While required to store and archive this data, federal agencies seek cost-effective storage, backup and archive solutions that provide the security and reliability necessary to protect sensitive and essential information

Key Considerations

  • Cost – reduce the capital drain of data storage
  • Accessibility – quickly retrieve data with ease and reliability
  • Risk reduction – meet data security and retention requirements

The Solution

Spectra Logic’s data management and storage solutions help federal agencies architect a highly reliable and affordable storage ecosystem in a multi-cloud world to support their mission-critical projects. Utilizing the appropriate storage medium based on data type and age, Spectra’s reliable and innovative data management and storage solutions save agencies time, reduce data-loss risk, and lower storage costs.

Key Benefits

  • Meet budgetary requirements
  • Encryption
  • Ransomware resiliency
  • Scalability
  • Data resiliency
  • Long-term data preservation for data at scale

Federal Government Contracts