Media & Entertainment Update, Singapore

Join Spectra Logic for an informative webinar that reviews our transformation and how Spectra solutions have evolved in response to market shifts to accommodate all your storage and data management needs aligned with your vision, be it private, public,or hybrid cloud initiatives. During the webinar we review solution and feature updates, use cases and run demonstrations of our migration tools including Spectra RioBroker and RioCruise. You’ll hear about: Read More

The Tape Technology Update You Don’t Want to Miss: Unleash the Power of LTO-9 with Spectra

This week, availability of the next generation of LTO technology was announced – the LTO Ultrium format generation 9. Offering a 50% increase in capacity from the previous LTO generation, coupled with tape’s air gap protection against ransomware, unsurpassed reliability and lowest cost per terabyte, LTO-9 is well positioned to help organizations meet growing data demands. While LTO tape media has increased in capacity on a regular cadence since its first generation, LTO-9 enables a single tape cartridge to store 18TB of native data. Read More

Bill St. Ores
Director of Test Engineering

Bill St. Ores

“My team tests and verifies that our products work as designed. We have the strongest test team we have ever had in my 21 years with Spectra. Our projects directly impact the bottom line. Trust me, there is never a dull moment. Over the years, Spectra has enabled me to work in many different roles within the company. For instance, I’ve been able to see first-hand how much work it takes to manufacture our products; how much service and support it takes to ensure happy customers; and how much engineering it takes to design products from scratch.” Read More

Company Culture with Mike Sausa

Join us for a unique conversation with Spectra’s Senior Vice President of Organizational Development, Mike Sausa. Hear how the Spectra culture has been formed over the decades, learn about Mike’s “ten-year attention span” and how the desire to always be learning and trying new things has kept Spectra at the cutting edge of the data storage and data management industry. Read More

Recent Spectra Technology Partnerships and Integrations: Taking Your Storage and Data Management to the Next Level

Partner cooperation is a high priority at Spectra Logic. The relationships Spectra Logic maintains with our Technology Partners allow us to deliver cooperative data storage and data management solutions that protect storage investments against obsolescence by lowering costs and reducing risk. Spectra has made significant investments in our technology partnerships, working with partner companies to develop solutions that address specific market needs and certifying our products with all major vendors to ensure that our customers can easily and efficiently protect their data in heterogeneous environments. Read More

Data Resiliency with Eric Polet

Welcome back for the second installment of The Spectra Current. Today we have Spectra’s Eric Polet on to discuss all things data resiliency. We will define a variety of terms, including what is data resiliency, what is an air gap, as well as, we discuss a variety of topics to help ensure your organization is prepared to have a truly resilient data storage strategy. Read More

Are You Prepared for a Ransomware Attack?

Every organization is worried about it. And they should be. Ransomware attacks have increased by 62 percent globally since 2019.* Some cyber experts say It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ your organization will be attacked. In fact, Norton claims that cybercriminals will steal an estimated 33 billion records in 2023. Are you prepared? Read More

Building a Complete Active Archive Repository with Spectra & StorMagic

During this informative webinar Spectra and StorMagic discuss how to build an end-to-end repository for rich media – including video surveillance, digital evidence and media entertainment content. We’ll review how to effectively gather digital assets, store that data and intelligently move it to a perpetual tier of storage for long-term archive and access. Read More

The Spectra Current: Line Up of Industry Experts Share Personal Stories, Experiences and Insights

The Spectra Current is Spectra Logic’s new podcast series featuring conversations with IT industry experts, thought leaders, customers and Spectra Logic executives who review the latest trends in data storage, data management, emerging technologies, cybersecurity and digital transformation at large. Conversations center around data center experiences, business methodologies, corporate culture, industry insights and lighthearted banter on successes, failures and personal and professional recommendations. Spectra announced this week the launch of the podcast, hosted by Betsy Doughty, Spectra’s vice president of corporate marketing, and its first available episode. Read More