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Spectra Logic believes that superior employee engagement and dedication is the basis for our 40-year track record in satisfying thousands of customers. Following are some of the hundreds of Spectra employees who ensure that Spectra continues to be a company that is easy to do business with.

Hossein ZiaShakeri
Senior VP of Business Development and Alliances, Global M & E

Hossein ZiaShakeri

“I started in 1984 as a technician and, boy, has it been a remarkable journey. I moved to engineering, debugging and designing a number of boards. Later, I helped design our first tape library called Bullfrog – the industry’s first Fibre Channel-attached tape library. I then transitioned to assessing vertical markets to grow our business. Through all the changing roles over the years, Spectra’s people have provided me with a strong sense of family. Heck, I even married one of them. Today I help drive Spectra’s product and business focus and am grateful for the broad experience (and fun) I have had along the way.” Read More

Ryan Moriarty
Channel Sales Representative Rocky Mountain and North Central Regions

Ryan Moriarty

“Spectra is all about professional growth. I started off nine years ago working in Channel Marketing. I voiced that I was interested in a sales career path. The next thing I know, I was able to migrate into a sales role, which today includes managing Spectra’s VAR and alliance partnerships in the Rocky Mountain and North Central Regions. I have raised a family, moved into our dream home, and made a ton of friendships with both colleagues and partners. Hands down, this is possible because Spectra is all about the people — with everyone here willing to help, even if it’s outside of their scope of work.” Read More

Carrie Kuhl
Support Infrastructure Manager

Carrie Kuhl

“I oversee our CRM implementation as well as our SpectraGuard® Support portal to ensure that our databases and tools run effectively and efficiently. As the Support Infrastructure Manager, I strive to create an atmosphere that allows my fellow associates to deliver world-class service and support to our customers. After more than 18 years at Spectra Logic, I have built life-long friendships with both colleagues and customers. And Spectra has given me countless opportunities to learn, grow and lead, while providing a great work-life balance.”

Christoph Schulz
Enterprise Sales Rep, DACH region

Christoph Schulz

“As the ESR covering the DACH region, I really enjoy helping customers find the perfect solution for their challenges. During this situation, there have been a lot of changes in day-to-day work, such as more virtual conferences and no face-to-face meetings. But challenges are the beauty of life – they guarantee that life never gets boring. Spectra has allowed me to follow a path tailored for the European market so I can help customers such as Studio Hamburg, Spiegel Verlag, FHNW Switzerland, and many others, modernize their data centers.”

Steven Easter
Product Manager, BlackPearl Solution Platform

Steven Easter

“I started in the Professional Services team installing our Spectra TFinity library. I then transitioned to a Solution Architect role covering the Federal team. For the last six years, I have been a product manager for our exciting BlackPearl Platform. I am enjoying this rewarding position because it matches my skillset, requiring meticulous attention to detail and the ability to aggregate numerous variables to make critical decisions. Working at Spectra has developed my interpersonal skills the most, through my experience interacting directly with customers and with our executive team.” Read More

Gregg Albright
Production Line Lead, RMA & NB Legacy Transporters, HPT & T120 Robotics

Gregg Albright

“I appreciate so much about Spectra, including our positive team environment and the ability to work flexible hours. As a long-time employee and production line lead, I’ve worked on many tape libraries over the years, and have a special place in my heart for the legacy Bullfrog and Treefrog tape libraries. I also enjoyed helping to establish an effective manufacturing process for our powerful high performance transporters (HPT).”

Ponemany Yang
Business Operations Project Manager

Ponemany Yang

“As the Project Manager for Business Operations, I’m very process-oriented and believe my responsibilities are a great match for my skillset. In a nutshell, I help Spectra’s corporate projects stay on track. One of my favorite recent projects was ensuring that our ‘Quote to Cash’ process ran efficiently and easily for our new software solution, StorCycle. Over the last 16 years, Spectra has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally — and I am constantly inspired by my peers, managers and mentors at Spectra.”

Genna Arritola
Corporate Staff Accountant

“I moved to Colorado 10 years ago from the Philippines – what a huge cultural shift! As a Corporate Staff Accountant, I’ve been provided with many growth opportunities at Spectra and appreciate how managers go above and beyond to help their employees. It’s obvious how much Spectra cares for its associates and customers. I love the company environment and am enjoying my latest project, which has allowed me to work with internal customers to identify areas of improvement and activate a new expense reporting tool that will help us streamline reporting, reduce costs and consolidate spending.” Read More

Chris Shannon
Vice President, Sales, U.S. Western Region

Working in sales at Spectra Logic for 25 years has allowed me to develop long-term relationships and solve many data storage problems for our customers. I appreciate Spectra’s unique culture that puts customers first with a focus on listening to their needs and responding with strong R&D, ground-breaking technologies, and executive management support. It makes my job working with customers west of the Mississippi, and in Commercial IT and M&E easier and more gratifying.

Ingrid Westerholm
Enterprise Sales Manager, North & East Europe

I have been selling data storage solutions for over 30 years, with 2/3 of those years in Europe. For the last five years, I’ve been with Spectra. Of all the companies I’ve worked for, Spectra is the best. The company makes you feel like family — and management is friendly and professional. At Spectra, I help customers in the Nordics, Benelux and Eastern Europe, currently 13 countries. I love my job and enjoy meeting people from different cultures and countries.

Oscar Ponce
Sr. Support Sales Rep & Junior Sales Rep, Latin America

I love the fact that there are so many Spectra colleagues who have worked here for more than 20 years. The atmosphere and culture is great and I feel that my ideas and opinions are heard, even at the highest level of management. For example, I recently volunteered to work closely with our sales and technical team in Latin America as a junior sales rep in addition to covering support renewals for the East Coast and Latin America. It’s very rewarding to get new career opportunities and to help customers and have them thank you for your hard work.

Tony Mendoza
Senior Director of IT

I’ve worked at Spectra for more than two decades. Our IT department supports our worldwide employee base to enable them to go the extra mile for our customers. My team was tested in 2020 with a serious ransomware attack. We were able to completely recover and get our associates back up and running without losing any customer data. By sharing our story, I hope to help other organizations around the world overcome these kind of attacks as well.

Betsy Doughty
VP of Corporate Marketing

Spectra has been a second home to me for 16 years. Not only is the company constantly innovating and coming out with new products, we have the coolest customers doing truly groundbreaking work. I’ve been fortunate to work with our incredible channel and industry partners. Spectra has always taken a lead in alliances and collaborations and I’ve enjoyed being a part of leading that initiative. But, the people! The people at Spectra I get to work with everyday are inspiring and fun. They truly make this place a great place to work and a great company people want to do business with! Read More

Matt Ninesling
Director of Hardware Engineering

I have been at Spectra for 21 years in operations, engineering, and product management roles. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work on technology that some of the largest data users in the world are using. Getting to know these customers and understand their needs has led to many new features being introduced into our products. We have a fun environment at Spectra. Any time we have a new software release, we give it a code name based on a ‘14er’ (a mountain higher than 14,000 feet). Luckily, there are 53 ‘14ers’ in Colorado, where we are headquartered. While the code names don’t make it past our corporate branding team, they bring some levity to our engineers. Read More

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