IQVIA Advances Modern Data Science by Capturing Global Healthcare Data Sets with the Help of Spectra Logic StorCycle

The Spectra solution scans IQVIA primary storage, identifies data to archive based on pre-defined criteria, and automates the migration of data to the right storage tier at the right time


BOULDER, Colo. – Feb. 15, 2022 – Spectra Logic, a global leader in data management and data storage solutions, today announced that Spectra’s StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management Software was deployed by IQVIA as part of an overall solution to enhance the organization’s ability to capture and preserve global healthcare data sets to achieve modern data science advancements. IQVIA chose a comprehensive solution from Spectra Logic consisting of three instances of Spectra’s StorCycle storage lifecycle management software, two Spectra BlackPearl® object storage platforms, and two Spectra® Stack Tape Libraries with LTO-8 tape drives and media.

IQVIA, founded in 2016, fuses together advances in data science, technology and human science expertise to help the healthcare industry make better decisions and improve patient outcomes. Technology and unparalleled data management are key to IQVIA’s mission of driving healthcare forward.

IQVIA started searching for a new data management and storage solution that could help them better unite data between locations and make data available as needed. The solution needed to integrate seamlessly with their existing infrastructure and allow for minimal disruptions as they gradually transitioned to a new workflow.

“Our goal was to deploy a data management and storage strategy that would enable us to connect data across multiple sites,” said Lucus Johnson, IQVIA, Inc., Technology Department. “Spectra’s total solution, which includes StorCycle, provides the insight into our data that we need to make better storage management decisions, helping us scale our storage capacity on a lower cost tier, and freeing up space on our primary storage by moving unused data to an archive infrastructure.”

The Spectra Solution
StorCycle intelligently monitors and migrates IQVIA’s data across multiple storage devices while maintaining fast access for users.  When data is identified for archiving, StorCycle moves the data seamlessly to IQVIA’s BlackPearl units. The BlackPearl systems write data to the Spectra Stack tape libraries in an open format. BlackPearl also enables bi-directional data synchronization between the organization’s two primary data centers – one in New Jersey in the U.S. and another in Dublin in Ireland. This data replication mitigates disruptions to workflows, maintains data availability and ensures that IQVIA’s assets are preserved in case of disaster or data corruption. Ultimately, IQVIA’s new solution offers the scalability they need for the future while increasing storage capacity on their primary system by moving unused but still valuable data to the archive infrastructure for cost-effective digital preservation.


For more information about Spectra’s customer, IQVIA, read the case study here.