From Intern to Associate: Three Spectra Employees Discuss their Careers

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

If you haven’t listened to The Spectra Current yet, one of our recent podcasts takes a bit of a turn. The podcast usually features conversations with seasoned storage industry experts, thought leaders, customers and Spectra Logic executives … but this episode features some of our newer faces. Specifically, we are interviewing Kristen Coats, our Graphic Designer and Videographer, Mariana Menge Schuett, our Marketing Programs Manager, and Keaton Day, our Digital Marketing Manager, all three of whom have unique onboarding stories, and have been a joy to bring into the Spectra family.

A passion of mine is mentorship and leadership development. I have been a Professional Mentor for the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business for 5 years and have brought in dozens of marketing interns over the years to give them real world experience and an opportunity to start building their resume and see options for their career paths. In some cases, like these 3 podcast guests, it becomes the start of their careers with Spectra. We all have unique stories of how we got to where we are in life, very few have had a linear career trajectory. We’ve heard some great career advice from Mike Sausa, Matt Starr, Jeff Biley, and other guests of The Spectra Current… my own professional journey has been filled with some incredible mentors and sponsors, who opened doors, gave advice, and encouraged me along the way. This episode highlights the diverse backgrounds and varied skillsets that make you a valuable asset to an organization and will give insight into the different ways into a role and company.