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The Spectra Current is Spectra Logic鈥檚 new podcast series featuring in-depth discussions by Spectra executives and other IT industry experts as they dive deep into the latest in data storage, data management and security.

Conversations center around data center experiences, business methodologies, corporate culture, industry insights and lighthearted talk on successes, failures and personal and professional recommendations.

Spectra will post new episodes bimonthly, so check back often to hear unique insights from IT professionals on the front lines who are cracking the code on some of the industry鈥檚 most pressing challenges. Fill out the form to receive updates from Spectra.

From Intern to Full-Time: A Career Journey with Three Spectra Employees

Join us for this week’s pre-holiday edition of The Spectra Current, as we follow the journey from intern to full time with some of Spectra鈥檚 newer faces. Specifically, we are interviewing Kristen Coats, our Graphic Designer and Videographer, Mariana Menge Schuett, our Marketing Programs Manager, and Keaton Day, our Digital Marketing Manager, all three of whom have unique onboarding stories, and have been a joy to bring into the Spectra family.

Spectra LogicBetsy Mariana Kristen Keaton Podcast V1.0

The Path to CTO with Matt Starr and Betsy Doughty

Spectra LogicThe Path to CTO with Matt Starr And Betsy Doughty

Join us for this week’s episode of The Spectra Current, as we jump into an exciting conversation with Spectra Logic’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Starr. Matt has exciting stories from his travels around the world, seeing the cool things our customers do, as well as a unique set of hobbies like winemaking that he loves to “rub some math on”. We hope you’ll enjoy this installment of the Spectra Current, and thanks for joining.

One Technology Company Philosophy with Mat Brown

Join us with One Technology founder Mat Brown as we explore what it was like founding a company with the mission of data center modernization and cloud enablement. Mat dives into their pirate ship philosophy, and how they keep One Technology flexible to always enable their business to provide valuable solutions for their customers.

Spectra LogicOne Technology Company Philosophy With Mat Brown

A Short Ransomware Story with Tony Mendoza

Join us this week with guest Tony Mendoza, Spectra’s Senior Director of IT. We will cover all facets of the ransomware attack that Spectra Logic underwent in May of 2020, and how we overcame that obstacle. In this episode, we uncover all of the details of our experience, what we learned, what we have improved from this experience, and how we as a company are using this as an opportunity to improve our products to help customers if they ever were to face a similar situation.

Spectra LogicA Short Ransomware Story Tony Mendoza Betsy Doughty V1.0

The Past and Future of Data with Fred Moore

Welcome back for episode four of The Spectra Current, where we have a great conversation with industry analyst Fred Moore. Listen as we explore his time as a semi-professional basketball player, learn what it was like building out the foundation for what we know today as the storage pyramid, as well as why security is no longer just a problem of the data center. Discover how tape can be a major benefactor of the growing secondary storage space, and how hyperscale data centers need tape to support their growing data footprints. Fred was a delight to have on, and we hope that you will enjoy this insightful conversation today. Read More

Company Culture with Mike Sausa

Join us for a unique conversation with Spectra’s Senior Vice President of Organizational Development, Mike Sausa. Hear how the Spectra culture has been formed over the decades, learn about Mike’s “ten-year attention span” and how the desire to always be learning and trying new things has kept Spectra at the cutting edge of the data storage and data management industry.

Spectra LogicCompany Culture Betsy Doughty Mike Sausa

Data Resiliency with Eric Polet

Welcome back for the second installment of The Spectra Current. Today we have Spectra’s Eric Polet on to discuss all things data resiliency. We will define a variety of terms, including what is data resiliency, what is an air gap, as well as, we discuss a variety of topics to help ensure your organization is prepared to have a truly resilient data storage strategy.

Spectra LogicData Resiliency Betsy Doughty Eric Polet

The History of Spectra Logic with Jeff Biley

Welcome to The Spectra Current, today we have the first episode of our new podcast series. In this conversation, hear from 34-year Spectra veteran applications engineer Jeff Biley as we explore what it was like to be at Spectra in the early days, as well as follow the progression of Spectra to becoming a leader in the data storage and data management industry.

Spectra LogicHistory Of Spectra with Betsy Doughty and Jeff Biley

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