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The Spectra Current is Spectra Logic’s new podcast series featuring in-depth discussions by Spectra executives and other IT industry experts as they dive deep into the latest in data storage, data management and security.

Conversations center around data center experiences, business methodologies, corporate culture, industry insights and lighthearted talk on successes, failures and personal and professional recommendations.

Spectra will post new episodes bimonthly, so check back often to hear unique insights from IT professionals on the front lines who are cracking the code on some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. Fill out the form to receive updates from Spectra.

The Spectra Steves

Join us for an exciting episode of The Spectra Current, with a few more of the Spectra Steves. We have Steve Ngan, Steve Cser, and Steve Baird who join us for an enlightening discussion surrounding their extensive tenure in the Data Storage industry, with additional insights into the personalities that make Spectra special. We hope you’ll enjoy this episode of The Spectra Current. Read More

Finding and Using Your Strengths

Join us this week as we speak with Solutions Architect, Steve Paulson, and explore his career in tech. We discuss in depth the value of discovering, and learning how to best utilize tools such as Strengths Finder, and others, to assist with both empowering a team, as well as improving your own personal success within the workplace. We hope you’ll enjoy this captivating conversation with another great guest! Read More

Building a VAR with Dave Hiechel

Welcome back for this week’s episode of The Spectra Current. In this episode Dave Hiechel revisits his decades in the data storage industry, at Eagle Technologies. We explore in depth what it takes to build, train, and keep, a highly competent team, as well as what it’s really like to build a VAR business, find great vendors, and provide an exceptional value proposition to the customers that choose Eagle Technologies. Read More

Success in Sales with Chris Shannon

Take a listen to the #SpectraCurrent this week with VP of Sales, Chris Shannon, as we relive his 26-year history in sales roles at Spectra. Chris shares stories, wisdom, and much more in this captivating #podcast episode! Read More

Sounds from the show floor NAB

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Spectra Current. In this episode recorded live from the NAB 2022 trade show floor in Las Vegas, NV, we speak one-on-one with customers and partners to hear about what new innovations are happening in the world of media and entertainment. Read More

Alan Hall with NOAA

This week we explore the history of Alan Hall, and his experience operating and managing CLASS at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We discover firsthand why NOAA and Alan still believe tape has a strong place in the data center, as well as getting to explore how he got his start in this field. We hope you will enjoy this engaging discussion, and be sure to check out some of our other episodes as well! Read More

Women in STEM with Deanna Hoover

Tune in for this week’s episode with Spectra’s new Director of Product Marketing, Deanna Hoover. In this episode, we explore Deanna’s career as a woman in STEM, the challenges faced, the mentors and role models discovered, as well as hear from this technology thought leader on what it is like to work for a software enabled storage company. This is an episode that you won’t want to miss, we hope you’ll enjoy this enlightening conversation. Read More

Writing Society’s Genome

Spectra Logic · Writing Society's Genome with Bob Cone John Kranz

In this week’s episode we speak with two of Spectra’s beloved employees, John Kranz (J.K.) and Bob Cone, who both co-wrote Spectra’s book, Society’s Genome with Spectra CEO, Nathan Thompson. They recall what it was like to write a book, reminisce on what it has been like to work at Spectra over the years, including the dramatic changes the company has undergone. We explore their unique hobbies and past times, like being in a band and gardening. We hope you enjoy the episode, thanks for tuning in. Read More

Founding a Thriving Technology Company

Join us for this week’s episode as we interview Spectra’s founder and CEO Nathan Thompson. During this conversation, we explore the early days of Spectra, the process of building a thriving technology company, as well as what it took to pivot and stay innovative over the lifespan of Spectra Logic. Read More

From Intern to Full-Time: A Career Journey with Three Spectra Employees

Join us for this week’s pre-holiday edition of The Spectra Current, as we follow the journey from intern to full time with some of Spectra’s newer faces. Specifically, we are interviewing Kristen Coats, our Graphic Designer and Videographer, Mariana Menge Schuett, our Marketing Programs Manager, and Keaton Day, our Digital Marketing Manager, all three of whom have unique onboarding stories, and have been a joy to bring into the Spectra family. Read More

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