Spectra Logic Unveils StorCycle, a Storage Management Software Solution that Reduces Storage Costs by Up to 70% and Transforms the Way Organizations Manage Large Amounts of Data

BOULDER, Colo. – Sept. 10, 2019 – Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and data management solutions, today introduced StorCycle™, a new storage management software solution designed for data-driven organizations that need a modern storage lifecycle management workflow. StorCycle allows organizations to create a new Perpetual Tier of storage, reducing the overall cost of storing data by up to 70 percent, while giving users full access to their data. StorCycle can be implemented as standalone software using public cloud storage or existing network-attached storage, or combined with Spectra storage hardware to create a complete storage solution. Read More

Introducing StorCycle™: The Modern Answer to the Problem of How to Manage and Protect Expanding Data Sets

Today marks a significant milestone in Spectra Logic’s history. That’s because we are announcing StorCycle, a new storage management software that will enable customers to identify, migrate, protect and access their large amounts of data – easily, economically and safely – for as long as they need to do so.

Working closely with our thousands of customers and channel partners, we realized that there was an imminent problem with storing expanding repositories of data on expensive primary storage. With Spectra’s 40-year history of solving customer’s data storage problems, we decided to design, engineer and deliver a new storage lifecycle management solution: Spectra StorCycle. Read More

Spectra Storage Crisis Lifeline is in Place to Support Customers Through 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The months of June through November, commonly known as the Atlantic hurricane season, historically mark the time of the year when the greatest amount of tropical cyclones appear in the Northern Hemisphere’s Atlantic basin – bringing a host of dangerous weather to the United States’ eastern coast. Affected areas include the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. While preseason reports predicted a near-normal season, NOAA forecasters tracking oceanic and atmospheric patterns indicate that circumstances are now more likely to manifest above-normal hurricane activity. Two named storms have formed so far this year and the peak months of the hurricane season are now underway. Bi-weekly forecasts are also available through Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project here. Read More

40 Years of Spectra Logic: A Look Back at Spectra’s Most Memorable Moments

This month marked our 40th anniversary at Spectra Logic. Last week, we shared a wonderful video featuring Spectra customers, partners, friends and family congratulating us on our four decades of business success. Anniversaries are a time to celebrate where we come from and how we’ve changed. Check out some of our most memorable moments captured over the last four decades.

Above, Spectra CEO, Nathan Thompson, who has led the company from its inception in 1979 to the present, works hard to start his own business as a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Read More

Spectra Logic Expands Presence in South America by Partnering with CIS Group Corporation

New strategic partnership provides Broadcast & IT professionals in Brazil with access to Spectra’s solutions to help streamline their complex media and entertainment workflows

BOULDER, Colo. – Aug. 13,  2019– Spectra Logic, a leading provider of data storage and data management solutions, today announced a strategic relationship with CIS Group Corporation, an innovative technology distributor, who will be the sole supplier of Spectra’s award-winning solutions in Brazil. With a primary focus on the broadcast and entertainment markets, CIS will sell and support all Spectra Logic data storage solutions throughout Brazil, helping to expand Spectra’s reach in South America. Read More

Spectra Logic: Novel Storage Solutions for HPC Environments

Publisher: https://hpc.apacciooutlook.com

In today’s highly competitive and complex business realms, high performance computing (HPC) is gaining momentum considering enterprises’ ever-evolving desire for sound ramp-up and performance delivery. Simultaneously, all industry verticals are experiencing a pronounced increase in the quantity of data along with its growing significance in their bottom-line operations. The need for advanced storage solutions to aid HPC has become more imperative than ever, and addressing this is Colorado-based Spectra Logic. Read More

Celebrating 40 Years of Business Success and Technology Innovation

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Spectra Logic, and we could not be more proud.

To honor Spectra’s 40 years of business success and technology innovation, Colorado Governor Jared Polis proclaimed August 1, 2019 as SPECTRA LOGIC DAY in the State of Colorado. Spectra’s CEO made the official announcement to Spectra’s worldwide employee base in a company meeting that same day. Click here to view the proclamation.

To further celebrate Spectra’s four decades of operation, led by its original founder and current CEO, Nathan Thompson, Spectra employees organized a surprise broadcasting of the below video, which features Spectra customers, partners, friends and family congratulating Nathan and team on this monumental accomplishment. Read More

Spectra Logic Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Colorado Governor Jared Polis Proclaims August 1, 2019 as ‘Spectra Logic Day’ in the State of Colorado to Recognize Spectra’s 40-Year Contributions to the Economy and the IT Industry

BOULDER, Colo. – Aug. 1, 2019 – Spectra Logic, a leading developer of data storage solutions, announces today that it hit a milestone few companies in the IT industry have reached, namely the celebration of its 40th year of business. Behind this impressive achievement is a history of technology innovation, customer commitment, and focus on excellence. Original founder and CEO, Nathan Thompson, continues to lead the company in its dedication to delivering innovative storage solutions that preserve digital data for organizations around the world. Read More

Spectra Announces that TransMedia Dynamics Mediaflex-UMS is now certified with BlackPearl

Joint solution enables users to share, store and access content with greater visibility and efficiency

BRACKNELL, U.K. — 30 July 2019— Spectra Logic today announced that TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) has completed client certification of its Mediaflex-UMS Content Supply Chain platform with Spectra’s BlackPearl® Converged Storage System. The joint solution is integrated via the Spectra® BlackPearl RioBroker interface, BlackPearl’s new software front-end. Together, BlackPearl and Mediaflex-UMS allow users in media and entertainment, audiovisual, governmental and legislative sectors, to store and manage data on object storage disk, tape and cloud using unified content management provided by TMD. The joint solution provides users with the ability to reduce overall data management time, cost and complexities as well as deliver enhanced content discoverability and workflow orchestration across the entire supply chain. Read More

University IT Departments Worldwide Leverage Spectra Solutions to Meet Campus Users’ Needs

Higher education institutions, like most modern organizations, wrestle with managing and storing their growing amounts of data. In addition to student data, which includes information about assignments, activities and performance, universities also manage data from a multitude of campus users. Research centers, academic libraries and even on-campus production studios often deploy their own data storage solutions to increase efficiencies within their organizations and bolster their ability to successfully serve students and the community. As data becomes an even more critical part of daily operations at these institutions, leading universities often centralize their data management and storage systems to promote standardization, improve access and encourage cost savings. In fact, schools with multiple IT environments that consolidate data operations and align resources with critical needs within the university system tend to benefit from reduced overhead costs, greater scalability and enhanced flexibility in their workflows. Read More