Spectra Logic and StorMagic Announce Active Archive Repository for Video Surveillance, Digital Evidence Management and Media and Entertainment

BOULDER, Colo. – July 21, 2021  Spectra Logic, a global leader in data storage and data management solutions, today announced a partnership with StorMagic, a company that simplifies storage and security from the edge to the core, to deliver a complete end-to-end active archive for video surveillance and digital evidence management. The joint storage solution combines StorMagic’s ARQvault, the first active intelligent repository to manage and retrieve digital assets using powerful analytics, and Spectra Logic’s award-winning BlackPearl® NAS system and enterprise-class tape libraries to protect large amounts of data in multiple locations for as long as needed. To learn more about the joint solution, please register here for the webinar entitled, ‘Building a Complete Active Archive Repository’, to be held on Tuesday, Aug. 17, at 9 a.m. MT. Read More

Patricia Vasquez
RMA Coordinator/Technician

KPatricia Vasquez

“I love the RMA (return material authorization) work that I have done at Spectra for the last 14 years. As the full-time RMA coordinator, I support sales and depot orders, pull and transfer inventory for RMA work, process tape drives, and create work orders for RMA technicians, among many other duties. I strive to keep things flowing for the product lines by helping coworkers with what they need. Spectra encourages cross-training, which has helped me understand what my coworkers require to accomplish their work on the line so we can satisfy our customers with quality products.” Read More

Durham University’s DiRAC Memory Intensive Service Stores Irreplaceable Research Data of the Universe on Two Spectra T950 Tape Libraries

Have you ever thought about what it would take to collect, analyze and store all the data generated from cosmological simulations of the entire evolution of the universe or the deep modeling of the fundamental structure of matter? These simulations require huge amounts of memory and RAM and the DiRAC Memory Intensive Service, an HPC facility hosted by Durham University, is a key part of the computing infrastructure that provides researchers with the ability to understand and share knowledge about physics and the universe.

DiRAC (Distributed Research Utilizing Advanced Computing) is the integrated supercomputing facility for theoretical modelling and HPC-based research in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology, and nuclear physics. It is a key part of the infrastructure supporting the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Frontier Science Program.  Read More

Kim Francis
Manager of Sales Operations

Kim Francis

“As manager of sales operations, I oversee two teams: the sales operations specialists (SOS) and the customer care representatives (CCR). The SOS team provides direct support to our Enterprise Sales Reps in the ongoing development of existing and prospective customers. The CCRs cultivate account relationships and provide support for our install-base customers. Working in a customer-facing role at Spectra has been enormously rewarding in that our company believes in putting our customers first. I have so much gratitude for the innovation, culture, work ethic, and overall kindness at Spectra! “ Read More

Durham University’s DiRAC Memory Intensive Service Relies on Spectra Logic to Preserve Galaxy Simulation Data to Help Understand the Universe

Two Spectra T950 Tape Libraries with LTO-8 Drives and Media Store Irreplaceable HPC-Based Research in Astronomy and Cosmology at the Durham Facilities 

BRACKNELL, U.K. – 7/07/2021 – Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and data management solutions, today announced that the DiRAC Memory Intensive Service based at Durham University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology in the UK has deployed a Spectra® T950 Tape Library with LTO tape drives for the long-term storage of multiple petabytes of cosmological data, representing simulations of galaxy formation and evolution. In addition, Durham recently deployed a second Spectra T950 Tape Library with LTO drives and media to support DiRAC-3, an initiative funded by UK Research and Innovation to upgrade computing power at all four DiRAC sites. The new HPC systems will be three to five times more powerful than the existing DiRAC machines. Click here to read more about the Durham case study. Read More

Lifelong data: Imperial War Museum storage campaign

CIOs everywhere are obliged to procure long-term, secure storage for their organizations, but don’t hesitate to think of Ian Crawford, CIO of the Imperial War Museum (IWM). His mission is not only to store and store multimedia, which is the equivalent of five heritage sites containing highly sensitive data, but also to store it. – Read More

ColorTime: Storing and Delivering Petabytes of Content with the Help of StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management Software

The best lessons are learned through experience, which is why Spectra Logic is always thrilled to share a new customer case study publicly. Spectra case studies highlight how organizations solve pressing IT and data storage challenges with the deployment of new technology, allowing existing customers and prospects alike to discover insights and practical solutions from a wide array of companies and industries.

Our most recent case study highlights ColorTime, a Hollywood-based post-production studio that specializes in creative and digital media services for television, from content creation to management and distribution. ColorTime handles large amounts of data on a regular basis, processing millions and millions of small files as part of their busy media workflow. The post-production studio ingests raw camera footage to be color corrected and edited, and also scans original film as high-resolution digital intermediate files to be stored. Read More

Spectra Logic StorCycle Software Migrates and Manages the Storage and Preservation of Petabytes of Content for ColorTime

Hollywood Post-Production Studio Optimizes Storage Infrastructure with a Complete Spectra Logic Object Storage Solution that Includes Disk for Quick Access and Tape for Long-Term Archive 

BOULDER, Colo.  June 30, 2021 — Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and management solutions, today announced that ColorTime, a post-production studio that provides world-class creative digital media services for television production projects, deployed Spectra’s StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management software to automate cleanup of their production storage area network (SAN) and free up space for their incoming digital content. At the same time, ColorTime also installed a Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System, a Spectra® BlackPearl Object Storage Disk System with 500 terabytes for quick recall of active projects, and a Spectra® Stack Tape Library to ensure safe, scalable and economical preservation of its high-resolution digital media. Read More

Lad Droesch
Spectra Facilities Manager

Lad Droesch

“As Spectra’s Facilities Manager, I ensure that our buildings are safe and in compliance with local and federal regulations. During the pandemic, I’ve worked hard to make sure we meet all health protocols. One of my favorite projects at Spectra was the build-out of our manufacturing structure in Boulder. It took a year, but we transformed the building into a safe, clean, efficient space to build our solutions. To celebrate before move-in, we created an obstacle course on the vast polished concrete and raced our skateboards. It was a thrill to see my then 7-year-old son on his scooter taking the lead.” Read More