S02E03 – Hybrid Cloud Storage Choices – Rent or Buy?

On the face of it, public cloud seems like a great place for long-term retention of unstructured data. However, as volumes of data stored rise, the cost of exiting the cloud cloud become prohibitively expensive. What’s the right strategy to follow?

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The New Normal for Production and Data Storage Management

The massive global effort to curb COVID-19 has brought an unprecedented change in the way the media and entertainment industry operates. Due to quarantines and social distancing mandates, most productions have come to a halt and broadcast networks are adjusting to accommodate disruptions in the content supply chain.

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A Bit About Archiving

And now for a bit about archiving. We have some news from reports from the Active Archive Alliance and Spectra Logic, which makes storage systems for archiving content, including some of the largest magnetic tape libraries. The LTO Program recently released its shipment report and we will show LTO tape capacity shipment history through 2019.

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Curing Data Blindness with StorCycle 3.1

Did you know that up to 80% of data is stored on the wrong tier? Data blindness costs organizations significant amounts of money. Gain visibility into your data and become more effective with both your data and your budget.

Four Ways to Implement an Object Storage Solution

Join this webinar to hear about the four ways you can implement an object storage solution as a modern, efficient and seamless approach to manage growing data, including learning about Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged Storage System – an object storage solution that combines hardware and software to create a comprehensive repository of data.

Spectra Logic Publishes 2020 Data Storage Outlook Report

Fifth annual data storage report aids industry in navigating the budgetary and infrastructure challenges of capturing, sharing and preserving data

BOULDER, Colo. — July 9, 2020 Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and data management solutions, today announced the publication of its “Digital Data Storage Outlook 2020”. The fifth edition of the report delves into the management, access, use and preservation of the world’s ever-expanding volumes of data, capturing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on trends and technology during this unprecedented time in history. The report outlines future strategies, technologies, applications, use cases and costs for more accurate evaluation and planning of data management and preservation strategies.  Read More