Five Key Featured Articles You May Have Missed: Spectra Executives Share Thought Leadership

With over 40 years developing data storage and data management solutions that help customers store, manage, preserve and use vast amounts of data, Spectra Logic has long established itself as a trusted advisor to its customers and partners alike. Spectra executives have certainly left their mark as thought leaders in the industry, often sharing their insights with technology publications to help empower organizations worldwide to harness the power of their data. Read More

Prevailing Against Ransomware: Tony Mendoza Shares Three Key Data Protection Strategies on The Spectra Current

You’ve probably heard the story by now. On May 2020, Spectra Logic was attacked by ransomware. Spectra’s IT team rose to the occasion, no data left the company, and Spectra was able to restore all files and resume operations without paying the ransom. As any data-driven organization would, we saw this as an opportunity to take an analytical look at the company’s data protection and business continuity strategies to identify key strengths and weaknesses. But unlike most companies, Spectra also chose to share our story widely to help other businesses prepare. Read More

A Short Ransomware Story with Tony Mendoza

Join us this week with guest Tony Mendoza, Spectra’s Senior Director of IT. We will cover all facets of the ransomware attack that Spectra Logic underwent in May of 2020, and how we overcame that obstacle. In this episode, we uncover all of the details of our experience, what we learned, what we have improved from this experience, and how we as a company are using this as an opportunity to improve our products to help customers if they ever were to face a similar situation. Read More

Unleashing the Power of LTO-9

Tune in to this webinar to learn how Spectra leverages LTO-9 tape technology to help organizations protect and manage their ever-growing data repositories, both efficiently and cost-effectively. Read More

New on The Spectra Current: The Past and Future of Data with Fred Moore

Spectra Logic’s new podcast series, The Spectra Current, features in-depth discussions by Spectra executives and other IT industry experts as they dive deep into the latest in data storage, data management and security. Conversations center around data center experiences, business methodologies, corporate culture, industry insights and lighthearted talk on successes, failures and personal and professional recommendations. Read More

The Past and Future of Data with Fred Moore

Welcome back for episode four of The Spectra Current, where we have a great conversation with industry analyst Fred Moore. Listen as we explore his time as a semi-professional basketball player, learn what it was like building out the foundation for what we know today as the storage pyramid, as well as why security is no longer just a problem of the data center. Discover how tape can be a major benefactor of the growing secondary storage space, and how hyperscale data centers need tape to support their growing data footprints. Fred was a delight to have on, and we hope that you will enjoy this insightful conversation today. Read More

Media & Entertainment Update, Singapore

Join Spectra Logic for an informative webinar that reviews our transformation and how Spectra solutions have evolved in response to market shifts to accommodate all your storage and data management needs aligned with your vision, be it private, public,or hybrid cloud initiatives. During the webinar we review solution and feature updates, use cases and run demonstrations of our migration tools including Spectra RioBroker and RioCruise. You’ll hear about: Read More

The Tape Technology Update You Don’t Want to Miss: Unleash the Power of LTO-9 with Spectra

This week, availability of the next generation of LTO technology was announced – the LTO Ultrium format generation 9. Offering a 50% increase in capacity from the previous LTO generation, coupled with tape’s air gap protection against ransomware, unsurpassed reliability and lowest cost per terabyte, LTO-9 is well positioned to help organizations meet growing data demands. While LTO tape media has increased in capacity on a regular cadence since its first generation, LTO-9 enables a single tape cartridge to store 18TB of native data. Read More

Bill St. Ores
Director of Test Engineering

Bill St. Ores

“My team tests and verifies that our products work as designed. We have the strongest test team we have ever had in my 21 years with Spectra. Our projects directly impact the bottom line. Trust me, there is never a dull moment. Over the years, Spectra has enabled me to work in many different roles within the company. For instance, I’ve been able to see first-hand how much work it takes to manufacture our products; how much service and support it takes to ensure happy customers; and how much engineering it takes to design products from scratch.” Read More