When it Happens to You

Listen in as Spectra’s IT Director Tony Mendoza shares the story of Spectra’s ransomware attack and how the company recovered without paying a ransom or having data exfiltrated. Read More

New Solution Overview

Spectra’s David Feller, VP of Product Management, details the new portfolio of integrated solutions from Spectra to address the challenges that IT professionals are facing in a multi-cloud world. He covers the benefits of Vail® software, the BlackPearl® Platform, and new attack-hardened™ features on all of Spectra’s products that make them more ransomware resilient. Read More

Think You Know Spectra? Take another Look with this SpectraLIVE Conference Recap

Earlier this week, Spectra Logic held its SpectraLIVE ‘Think You Know Spectra?’ edition – the fourth live conference in Spectra’s virtual conference program. Event attendees heard directly from Spectra’s leadership about the company’s newly launched Spectra Vail® distributed multi-cloud data management software and Attack-Hardened™ enhancements to Spectra’s entire product line, including BlackPearl®, StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management software and Spectra tape solutions. Attendees also had the chance to ask questions and get real-time, candid responses from our presenters. Read More

A Bold Transformation: Unify and Secure Data across Multi-Cloud, Multi-Site Environments with New Attack Hardened Solutions from Spectra

If you manage data in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud storage environment, then you know how powerful it is to leverage the functionalities of cloud-integrated data management and storage. Hybrid cloud environments provide huge benefits to IT professionals, but not without the challenges of managing and securing data across multiple clouds or multiple sites (including on-premises). Even within cloud-only environments, different public clouds provide access to different operational benefits, be it a wider range of applications, greater workload compatibilities or superior AI capabilities. Many IT teams struggle with synchronization of data between public and private clouds, cloud vendor lock-in and managing cloud costs. Read More

Spectra Logic – Solution Transformation

Watch this short animated video to hear how Spectra Logic transformed its product portfolio with Attack Hardened Data Management and Storage Solutions for the Multi-Cloud World to Help Customers Unify, Access and Preserve Data Across Multiple Clouds, Multiple Sites and On-Premises. Read More

Spectra Logic transforme l’ensemble de sa gamme de produits avec des solutions de gestion et de stockage de données « Attack-Hardened » qui unifient et sécurisent les données dans plusieurs clouds, sur plusieurs sites et sur site

Spectra lance Vail, un logiciel multi-cloud distribué qui unifie les données pour permettre la mise en œuvre d’applications sur site et les services clouds, quel que soit l’emplacement où les données sont créées ou stockées.  Read More

Spectra Logic Erneuert Sein Gesamtes Produktportfolio mit Angriffsicheren Datenmanagement- und Speicherlösungen, die Daten über Mehrere Clouds, Mehrere Standorte und vor Ort Vereinheitlichen und Sichern

Spectra veröffentlicht Vail, eine verteilte Multi-Cloud-Software, die Daten miteinander verbindet, um Anwendungen am Standort und in der Cloud zu ermöglichen – unabhängig davon, wo die Daten erstellt oder gespeichert werden Read More

One Technology Company Philosophy with Mat Brown

Join us with One Technology founder Mat Brown as we explore what it was like founding a company with the mission of data center modernization and cloud enablement. Mat dives into their pirate ship philosophy, and how they keep One Technology flexible to always enable their business to provide valuable solutions for their customers. Read More

Rena Grin
Proposal Manager

Rena Grin

“I manage the proposal process, including responding to proposals and maintaining proposal documents. It’s a challenging role and it allows me to connect with lots of people around the company. One of my favorite things about Spectra is the passion and dedication that the employees have for our company as well as the opportunity for growth. In fact, I was given the chance to help get our BlackPearl® RioBroker® data mover off the ground. It was fun to install the software at various customer locations, help them understand our solutions better, and provide valuable feedback to our team to improve the product” Read More