Multi-Purpose Hybrid Storage: Get to Know the New BlackPearl Platform

BlackPearl is a multi-purpose hybrid storage platform that easily and cost effectively scales up as object and file volumes grow; adapts as operational requirements change; and enables easy synchronization of data between on-prem and cloud storage. The object-based BlackPearl, which has offered capacity NAS and Nearline Gateway to tape for over 10 years, was recently expanded to include a native S3 interface providing local on-premises S3-standard object storage using the same economical scale-up architecture. BlackPearl S3 enables bi-directional synchronization of data between public cloud and on-premises storage.

BlackPearl features at a glance.

The upgraded platform now offers:

  1. BlackPearl Network-Attached Storage (NAS): BlackPearl NAS is the optimal platform for mid-tier data as it provides self-protecting, flexible and affordable secondary storage. When the base NAS platform is expanded into a full BlackPearl object platform, it becomes the perfect springboard solution that is flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing list of storage requirements.
  2. BlackPearl Native S3: BlackPearl’s native S3 extension enables easy-to-implement hybrid cloud storage with local S3 protocol and even failover to the public cloud. Fully integrated with the public cloud, BlackPearl’s native S3 extension provides storage at a single site or across multiple sites, including replication to the public cloud. This allows for freedom to choose the cloud provider of your choice and leverage local storage for increased performance and application dependency.
  3. BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier*: BlackPearl brings the cost-effectiveness of Amazon S3 Glacier, but with the advantages of on-prem deployment by providing organizations with an on-prem Glacier tier. This eliminates the costs to retrieve data from the cloud and decreases the retrieval time of data from hours to minutes. The on-prem Glacier tier can be comprised of:
    1. Nearline disk storage – object storage disk tier provides fast access to data on power-down drives. With the benefit of advanced idling, the disk drives save power while also extending the life of the drives.
    2. Automated tape – This is ideal for data that is infrequently accessed. Pre-defined storage policies determine how data is tiered and offer assurance that data is stored on the most effective medium for a variety of workflows.
  4. BlackPearl Nearline Gateway: BlackPearl Nearline Gateway configured with multiple storage targets provides a simple and affordable solution and is designed for numerous concurrent workflows. By integrating BlackPearl Nearline Gateway with a range of certified clients and simple file movers, BlackPearl reduces the need for expensive third-pay data Many BlackPearl clients already exist, with full integration into data management software. Customers can create their own clients or modify existing clients to custom fit their workflows and environments.

The BlackPearl platform also has multiple features that, when combined, deliver Attack-Hardened storage. This Attack-Hardened storage mitigates the risk of data loss and accelerates ransomware response. The Attack-Hardened features of the BlackPearl platform include virtual air gap protection through immutable snapshots, multi-factor authentication and integration with applications to trigger snapshots. To further enhance ransomware protection, BlackPearl additionally offers multi-site replication.

Learn more about the new BlackPearl platform here.

*Amazon Glacier® is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.