A Bold Transformation: Unify and Secure Data across Multi-Cloud, Multi-Site Environments with New Attack Hardened Solutions from Spectra

If you manage data in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud storage environment, then you know how powerful it is to leverage the functionalities of cloud-integrated data management and storage. Hybrid cloud environments provide huge benefits to IT professionals, but not without the challenges of managing and securing data across multiple clouds or multiple sites (including on-premises). Even within cloud-only environments, different public clouds provide access to different operational benefits, be it a wider range of applications, greater workload compatibilities or superior AI capabilities. Many IT teams struggle with synchronization of data between public and private clouds, cloud vendor lock-in and managing cloud costs.

The stage has been set for a new generation of data management and storage solutions to arrive on the scene — for a future that is not only cloud, but multi-cloud. Spectra Logic’s successful 40-year track record has led Spectra to transform its entire portfolio with a full set of innovative data management and storage solutions for multi-cloud environments. These solutions help customers take full advantage of the best aspects of on-premises applications and multiple cloud services with a single easy-to-use interface. Read more about Spectra Logic’s exciting new solution portfolio here.

In addition, external and internal cyberattacks continue to threaten company brands and bottom lines. After Spectra’s success in prevailing against a malicious ransomware attack, we understand better than most the importance of protecting data so that business continuity can be maintained. This is why Spectra has added a host of new Attack-Hardened™ features into our entire suite of solutions to enhance ransomware resiliency for our customers.

Spectra’s new data management and storage portfolio includes:

Vail® – Distributed Multi-Cloud Data Management Software

Spectra’s Vail software can unify and safeguard an organization’s data, no matter where the data is located, whether in the cloud, multi-clouds, or on premises in multiple sites, anywhere in the world. The first of its kind, Vail allows organizations to leverage existing on-premises applications and native cloud services – integrating public cloud services in a distributed workflow to optimize fast access and egress cost. Learn more about Vail here.

BlackPearl® – Multi-Purpose Hybrid Storage Platform

Spectra’s BlackPearl is the affordable and scalable backbone of any hybrid cloud strategy – offering customers flexible storage that provides multiple types of media (cloud, disk, flash and tape) to securely store and protect data for many types of workloads in a single platform. In its newest iteration, BlackPearl now includes Attack-Hardened features such as triggered snapshots, multi-factor authentication, encryption, replication and virtual air gap for ransomware mitigation. Learn more about BlackPearl here.

StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management Software

StorCycle helps organizations understand their data and automatically migrate data to the right service level and tier of storage. Notably, the latest StorCycle release (3.6) integrates with BlackPearl to provide ransomware snapshots at the end of migrate jobs and allows users to configure an existing BlackPearl object storage system as a storage location, enabling easy access to object or tape archive. Learn more about StorCycle here­.

Spectra® Stack Tape Library – Simple, Scalable, Affordable Tape Storage

Easily installed and expanded, the Spectra Stack Tape Library is scalable from 10 to 560 tape slots and 1 to 42 tape drives. New Attack-Hardened features include a cold partition that locks tapes so that they cannot be overwritten or loaded into a drive in the event of a ransomware attack. Learn more here.


Learn more about Spectra Logic’s transformed product portfolio in our upcoming virtual conference: SpectraLIVE – You Think You Know Spectra?

Join to learn more about Vail, BlackPearl enhancements and Spectra’s attack-hardened portfolio. You’ll hear first-hand from a Spectra customer on their Vail implementation and hear from Spectra’s Tony Mendoza on how using Spectra attack-hardened solutions allowed Spectra to say ‘no’ to ransomware. Register here.