Five Key Featured Articles You May Have Missed: Spectra Executives Share Thought Leadership

With over 40 years developing data storage and data management solutions that help customers store, manage, preserve and use vast amounts of data, Spectra Logic has long established itself as a trusted advisor to its customers and partners alike. Spectra executives have certainly left their mark as thought leaders in the industry, often sharing their insights with technology publications to help empower organizations worldwide to harness the power of their data.

We have listed some of the most recently featured articles below.

Betsy Doughty and Fujifilm’s Rich Gadomski talk about navigating the post-Covid digital economy with active archives

Managing unstructured data throughout its lifecycle is a challenge. As the world assesses the post-Covid-19 digital economy, IT leaders remain acutely focused on cost, data analytics, and security. Most of the companies that quickly responded and were able to thrive despite the massive changes brought on by the pandemic already had digital data management like active archiving in place. Adopting and expanding active archives will enable businesses to survive fundamental market changes via centralized data access, analytics, automation, and dynamic scaling.

Read this article from IT Pro Portal to learn more.

Nathan Thompson dives into how Spectra continues to thrive after over 40 years

In this Pirate Radio podcast episode, Spectra CEO Nathan Thompson joins with One Technology’s Mat Brown to discuss industry challenges, Spectra’s long-term survival in the enterprise IT industry, how the company got to where it is today and where it’s headed into the future. Nathan also shares his history and lessons he’s learned along the way. Catch this candid conversation to find out if Colorado Governor Jared Polis is a good poker player!

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Tony Mendoza shares how Spectra overcame a ransomware attack

In 2020, Spectra was hit with ransomware. As a storage business, we feel it is important to share the story in order to help others prepare. To minimize the damage and assure business continuance, organizations must assess their infrastructure, their access to experts and their approach to IT security.

Boulder’s Daily Camera recently published an interesting article about ransomware attacks, where Spectra CEO Nathan Thompson and Senior Director of IT Tony Mendoza shared the company’s story. “Spectra Logic assessed the damage it had suffered, Mendoza and his team realized that the company had full tape backups, completely disconnected from their system, of all their work up to the end of the previous week….Spectra Logic was not going to pay the ransom. Since the attack, Spectra Logic has taken the somewhat unusual step of publicizing the details of their attack and its aftermath. Thompson said he hopes other companies can learn from the company’s experience and use it as a positive example for how to counter a ransomware attack.”

Read the full article here.

Craig Bungay shares how partners can capitalize on returning demand following pandemic changes

Spectra Logic’s VP of Sales for EMEA and India, Craig Bungay, spoke to Channel Partner Insight about the strategy and adaptations Spectra embraced in the past year in order to overcome the challenges relating to the pandemic. Bungay dove into how Spectra navigated a challenging 2020 for its partners, and what opportunities these changes have created for value-added distributors to step in to provide services that were previously scaled back.

“The ability to adapt older methods of meeting customer requirements… coupled with new ways of supporting customer needs, such as offering virtual support via video and remote diagnostics, will keep revenue flowing,” said Bungay. Read the full article via Channel Partner Insight here.

Eric Polet discusses the difference between data resiliency and data protection (hint: you need both)

As the datasphere expands in size and value, it becomes even more vulnerable to data loss from such things as cyberattacks, natural disasters, and human error. Organizations of all sizes are rethinking their strategies for achieving both data resiliency and data protection. So, what is the difference between the two? Spectra’s Eric Polet dives into how to digitally preserve organizational assets in this article via Dataversity.

“In case of equipment failures, power outages, cyberattacks, operator mistakes, or other compromises, organizations that have done the hard work upfront of making sure their data is both resilient and protected will see their business operations continue without interruption and their bottom lines and reputations remain on track.”

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