How Can an Active Archive Provide Ransomware Protection?

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic founded the Active Archive Alliance with a number of other industry partners over a decade ago. The Alliance has continued to grow in membership and its mission of educating the market on the benefits of an active archive. This year, the Alliance teamed up with DCIG to highlight the benefits of an active archive in defending against ransomware. Read the new report to learn how active archiving solutions can provide ransomware protection and mitigation.

As experts in data management and storage, Spectra provides its customers with myriad ways to protect, manage and archive valuable data repositories.  Read more about Spectra’s broad portfolio of solutions designed to help you use, store and preserve your data for as long as required.  Additionally, Spectra recently announced that it bolstered its entire product portfolio with attack-hardened™ features to help customers become more ransomware resilient. Listen to a recent podcast with guest Tony Mendoza, senior IT director at Spectra Logic, who shares Spectra’s own ransomware experience and how the company withstood the attack without paying a ransom or having any data exfiltrated.

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