You can’t stop ransomware attacks…but you can survive them

Take it from us – Spectra was hit by Netwalker and we were able to recover without having to pay ransom. A staggering 65% of those who pay ransom don’t fully recover their data/systems. If you aren’t prepared you could add to that statistic. Spectra can help you avoid that. Read More

Women in STEM with Deanna Hoover

Tune in for this week’s episode with Spectra’s new Director of Product Marketing, Deanna Hoover. In this episode, we explore Deanna’s career as a woman in STEM, the challenges faced, the mentors and role models discovered, as well as hear from this technology thought leader on what it is like to work for a software enabled storage company. This is an episode that you won’t want to miss, we hope you’ll enjoy this enlightening conversation. Read More

How to Survive a Ransomware Attack: An On-Demand Webinar

“Ransomware is the gift that keeps on taking,” according to ESG Industry Analyst Christophe Bertrand, at the beginning of this thought-provoking webinar. Increasing aggressiveness of threat actors and the high cost of paying ransoms, combined with the lack of skillsets in IT departments is creating the perfect storm, and is the reason that one in five organizations are saying that cybersecurity is a top concern. ESG research shows that cybersecurity spend is leading IT budgets and learning how others have dealt with ransomware attacks is one way to figure out where to invest. Read More

Writing Society’s Genome

Spectra Logic · Writing Society's Genome with Bob Cone John Kranz

In this week’s episode we speak with two of Spectra’s beloved employees, John Kranz (J.K.) and Bob Cone, who both co-wrote Spectra’s book, Society’s Genome with Spectra CEO, Nathan Thompson. They recall what it was like to write a book, reminisce on what it has been like to work at Spectra over the years, including the dramatic changes the company has undergone. We explore their unique hobbies and past times, like being in a band and gardening. We hope you enjoy the episode, thanks for tuning in. Read More

IN2P3 Computing Center Discusses its Deployment of Spectra Logic TFinity Tape Library

The IN2P3 Computing Center (or CC-IN2P3) is a CNRS Support and Research Unit (UAR6402) attached to IN2P3, the institute that develops and coordinates research in particle physics, nuclear physics and astroparticle physics. National research infrastructure, the CC-IN2P3 designs and operates a set of services, in particular a mass storage system and means of processing large masses of data. The CC-IN2P3 has two computer rooms (850 m2 each) hosting several thousand servers and libraries allowing the storage of nearly 340 Petabytes of data on magnetic tapes.

In a recent twitter thread (translated below from French to English) IN2P3 shared their migration to a Spectra TFinity tape library: Read More

Kim Heintz
Support Infrastructure & Marketing Manager

Kim Heintz

“I oversee the support databases, portal, ACD and the team that maintains our customer support data and its integrity. I also write a regular support blog and produce technical support marketing documentation. I really enjoy the marketing aspect of my job, which includes managing and updating the support web portal, because it allows me to tap my creativity to deliver useful technical information for our customers. After more than 20 years with Spectra, I’m still amazed at how forward thinking the company is and how everyone here continues to challenge themselves in new ways to better serve and satisfy our customers and partners.” Read More