Defining Data Resiliency – Industry Leaders Share Their Perspectives

If you asked Spectra to define the term “data resiliency,” we’d say that it refers to the ability of data and its infrastructure to “spring back” in situations where it is compromised. Data resiliency relates to digitally preserving organizational assets in the event of a natural disaster or data center corruption by means of redundant components and data availability. It is essentially an organization’s ability to avoid unexpected disruptions to data workflows and stay up and running. Read More

Scott Tewksbury
Senior Talent Advisor

Scott Tewksbury

“As a senior talent advisor for Spectra logic, I recruit new talent for all departments, from Manufacturing and Engineering to Sales and Finance, and everything in between. One of my most memorable projects was being assigned the task of filling 10 open positions for Software Development Engineers in a very short period of time when I first arrived at Spectra. This included recruiting, sourcing, interview scheduling, and job offering. Today, along with the people and culture, the best part of my job is making a difference in people’s lives by recruiting them and watching them thrive professionally in their new roles.” Read More

Finding and Using Your Strengths

Join us this week as we speak with Solutions Architect, Steve Paulson, and explore his career in tech. We discuss in depth the value of discovering, and learning how to best utilize tools such as Strengths Finder, and others, to assist with both empowering a team, as well as improving your own personal success within the workplace. We hope you’ll enjoy this captivating conversation with another great guest! Read More

Beyond the Storage Target: Industry Analyst Outlines Spectra Portfolio Advancements

In an article recently posted to the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Blog, Philippe Nicolas, consultant and lead analyst with Coldago, describes where Spectra is headed with its current solution portfolio and company strategy. Nicolas and a select number of industry journalists, visited Spectra’s headquarters in Boulder in June for the 44th Edition of the IT Press Tour, where they heard first-hand from Spectra Logic executives about enhancements to Spectra’s portfolio of attack-hardened multi-cloud data management and storage solutions. Recapping the tour in his article, Nicolas details notable recent Spectra product updates, including Spectra StorCycle support for multi-billion file and full integration with AWS, GCP and Azure; BlackPearl’s new capabilities around encryption, S3 and on-prem Glacier*; and Spectra Vail’s ability to maximize capabilities of on-prem and public cloud storage to deliver a multi-point access to data becoming global. Read More

Mark Wright
Enterprise Sales Rep

Mark Wright

“I’ve spent the last 23 years at Spectra, and still enjoy all the face-to-face interactions I have with customers, partners and colleagues. To me, relationships are everything and I believe you build trust face-to-face (then you Zoom). Working in Sales at Spectra means you are in a True Sales Role. A Spectra Rep listens to the technical needs of a customer, presents viable solutions, determines budgets, fends off competitive options, and ultimately helps customers solve their tough business challenges. I’m grateful for all the mentors and former mentors I’ve had at Spectra who have helped me grow into this True Sales Role.” Read More

Building a VAR with Dave Hiechel

Welcome back for this week’s episode of The Spectra Current. In this episode Dave Hiechel revisits his decades in the data storage industry, at Eagle Technologies. We explore in depth what it takes to build, train, and keep, a highly competent team, as well as what it’s really like to build a VAR business, find great vendors, and provide an exceptional value proposition to the customers that choose Eagle Technologies. Read More