Spectra Logic Transforms Entire Product Portfolio with Attack-Hardened Data Management and Storage Solutions that Unify and Secure Data Across Multiple Clouds, Multiple Sites and On-Premises

Spectra Launches Vail, A Distributed Multi-Cloud Software that Unifies Data to Enable On-Premises Applications and Cloud Services – No Matter Where Data is Created or Stored 

BOULDER, Colo. – Oct. 20, 2021  –Spectra Logic, a global leader in data management and data storage solutions, today announced the transformation and expansion of its entire product portfolio with Attack Hardenedℱ and multi-cloud solutions. The introduction of Spectra’s Vail¼ is a pivotal addition to Spectra’s new data storage and management ecosystem. Vail is a distributed multi-cloud software designed to provide universal access and placement of data across multi-site and multi-cloud storage, enabling seamless hybrid and multi-cloud workflows.  Read More

Spectra Logic transforme l’ensemble de sa gamme de produits avec des solutions de gestion et de stockage de donnĂ©es « Attack-Hardened » qui unifient et sĂ©curisent les donnĂ©es dans plusieurs clouds, sur plusieurs sites et sur site

Spectra lance Vail, un logiciel multi-cloud distribuĂ© qui unifie les donnĂ©es pour permettre la mise en Ɠuvre d’applications sur site et les services clouds, quel que soit l’emplacement oĂč les donnĂ©es sont crĂ©Ă©es ou stockĂ©es. 

Paris, France – 20 octobre 2021 –Spectra Logic, leader mondial de solutions de gestion et de stockage de donnĂ©es, a annoncĂ© aujourd’hui la transformation et l’expansion de l’ensemble de son portefeuille de produits avec des solutions multicloud Attack Hardenedℱ, ou rĂ©sistantes aux attaques. L’introduction de VailÂź est un ajout essentiel au nouvel Ă©cosystĂšme de stockage et de gestion de donnĂ©es de Spectra. Vail est un logiciel multicloud distribuĂ© conçu pour fournir un accĂšs et un emplacement universels des donnĂ©es sur un stockage multicloud et multi-sites, permettant ainsi des flux de travail hybrides et multicloud transparents.  Read More

Spectra Logic Erneuert Sein Gesamtes Produktportfolio mit Angriffsicheren Datenmanagement- und Speicherlösungen, die Daten ĂŒber Mehrere Clouds, Mehrere Standorte und vor Ort Vereinheitlichen und Sichern

Spectra veröffentlicht Vail, eine verteilte Multi-Cloud-Software, die Daten miteinander verbindet, um Anwendungen am Standort und in der Cloud zu ermöglichen – unabhĂ€ngig davon, wo die Daten erstellt oder gespeichert werden

BOULDER, Colo. – 20. Oktober 2021 – Spectra Logic, ein weltweit fĂŒhrender Anbieter von Datenmanagement- und Datenspeicherlösungen, gab heute die Umgestaltung und Erweiterung seines gesamten Produktportfolios mit Attack Hardenedℱ- und Multi-Cloud-Lösungen VailÂź bekannt. Die EinfĂŒhrung von VailÂź ist eine entscheidende ErgĂ€nzung des neuen Datenspeicher- und -management-Ökosystems von Spectra. Vail ist eine verteilte Multi-Cloud-Software, die fĂŒr den universellen Zugriff und die Platzierung von Daten ĂŒber mehrere Standorte und Multi-Cloud-Speicher hinweg konzipiert ist und nahtlose Hybrid- und Multi-Cloud-Workflows ermöglicht.  Read More

One Technology Company Philosophy with Mat Brown

Join us with One Technology founder Mat Brown as we explore what it was like founding a company with the mission of data center modernization and cloud enablement. Mat dives into their pirate ship philosophy, and how they keep One Technology flexible to always enable their business to provide valuable solutions for their customers.

Spectra Logic · One Technology Company Philosophy With Mat Brown

Rena Grin
Proposal Manager

Rena Grin

“I manage the proposal process, including responding to proposals and maintaining proposal documents. It’s a challenging role and it allows me to connect with lots of people around the company. One of my favorite things about Spectra is the passion and dedication that the employees have for our company as well as the opportunity for growth. In fact, I was given the chance to help get our BlackPearlÂź RioBrokerÂź data mover off the ground. It was fun to install the software at various customer locations, help them understand our solutions better, and provide valuable feedback to our team to improve the product” Read More

Five Key Featured Articles You May Have Missed: Spectra Executives Share Thought Leadership

With over 40 years developing data storage and data management solutions that help customers store, manage, preserve and use vast amounts of data, Spectra Logic has long established itself as a trusted advisor to its customers and partners alike. Spectra executives have certainly left their mark as thought leaders in the industry, often sharing their insights with technology publications to help empower organizations worldwide to harness the power of their data.

We have listed some of the most recently featured articles below.

Betsy Doughty and Fujifilm’s Rich Gadomski talk about navigating the post-Covid digital economy with active archives Read More

Prevailing Against Ransomware: Tony Mendoza Shares Three Key Data Protection Strategies on The Spectra Current

You’ve probably heard the story by now. On May 2020, Spectra Logic was attacked by ransomware. Spectra’s IT team rose to the occasion, no data left the company, and Spectra was able to restore all files and resume operations without paying the ransom. As any data-driven organization would, we saw this as an opportunity to take an analytical look at the company’s data protection and business continuity strategies to identify key strengths and weaknesses. But unlike most companies, Spectra also chose to share our story widely to help other businesses prepare.

The resources Spectra Logic has shared on the topic are numerous: Spectra’s Senior Director of IT Tony Mendoza recounted events in featured articles; and the company wrote a white paper with a checklist of what to do before and after a ransomware attack; hosted webinars sharing Spectra’s ransomware story and how to build a storage strategy to withstand a ransomware attack; provided an online quiz to assess your ransomware preparedness level; and even created a dedicated ransomware protection page on our website. Read More

A Short Ransomware Story with Tony Mendoza

Join us this week with guest Tony Mendoza, Spectra’s Senior Director of IT. We will cover all facets of the ransomware attack that Spectra Logic underwent in May of 2020, and how we overcame that obstacle. In this episode, we uncover all of the details of our experience, what we learned, what we have improved from this experience, and how we as a company are using this as an opportunity to improve our products to help customers if they ever were to face a similar situation.

Spectra Logic · A Short Ransomware Story Tony Mendoza Betsy Doughty V1.0

Unleashing the Power of LTO-9

Tune in to this webinar to learn how Spectra leverages LTO-9 tape technology to help organizations protect and manage their ever-growing data repositories, both efficiently and cost-effectively.

You’ll learn how LTO-9 technology:

  • Delivers the only open tape format available, providing the first and only cooperative development effort in the industry
  • Provides the lowest cost-per-gigabyte data storage available
  • Provides high reliability with proven enterprise-level technology and quality assurance
  • Offers Linear Tape File System (LTFS) functionality
  • Leverages TMR head technology to delivers superior capacity, performance and dependability
  • Read More

    New on The Spectra Current: The Past and Future of Data with Fred Moore

    Spectra Logic’s new podcast series, The Spectra Current, features in-depth discussions by Spectra executives and other IT industry experts as they dive deep into the latest in data storage, data management and security. Conversations center around data center experiences, business methodologies, corporate culture, industry insights and lighthearted talk on successes, failures and personal and professional recommendations.

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