Accelerating Discovery in Supercomputing Environments by Centralizing Multi-Cloud Data Management

Portrait: Matt StarrBy Matt Starr
Chief Technology Officer, Spectra Logic

As supercomputing data sources become increasingly distributed, centralizing the management of data that may span multiple data centers, public cloud providers, and edge locations is key to accelerating research. Whether organizations are looking to expand information sharing for science teams, enhance data management practices across multiple clouds, or unlock data to be used in machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) workloads, multi-cloud data management addresses these challenges by seamlessly integrating multiple public clouds and on-premises object storage under a single namespace – allowing work to flow from on-prem to cloud and back again.

As new work like AI and ML come into the data center, management, orchestration, and curation of the data sets become a high priority for admins and researchers wrangling the data. Having multiple clouds along with on-premises storage under a single name space delivers transparent data movement. This means that both on-premises and cloud applications can use the same data without needing to know where or how the data is stored and protected. It also means that the right data is placed where and when it’s needed for the most effective, agile workflows. Multi-cloud data management software is the key to synchronizing data across multiple cloud-based repositories and enabling access to data independent of its physical location. This eliminates vendor lock-in and minimizes cloud egress fees.

Optimizing Distributed Cloud Research Environments to Expedite Outcomes
While multi-cloud platforms bring new and exciting data services to organizations, without a single name space they also create challenges regarding the management, optimization and automation of data placement and data migration. Centralizing multi-cloud data management can maximize the value of cloud initiatives in research environments by creating new opportunities for collaboration and innovation across platforms and ecosystems.

Spectra’s Vail multi-cloud data management software has been designed to streamline the orchestration of data, providing on-premises and multi-cloud data management benefits that deliver universal access and placement of data, capable of merging on-premises and cloud storage into a single global namespace. Vail delivers policy-based data orchestration, streamlines workflows and reduces overall complexities for organizations that want to leverage the power of cloud services. Learn more about the unique benefits of Vail Software here.

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