BlackPearl® and Mediaflux® enable affordable management and bridge data silos for rapid discover and control

Mediaflux Data Management Platform

Organizations are confronted with processing, moving, storing and keeping track of ever increasing amounts of data. Mediaflux is a robust, flexible data and metadata management platform that unifies disparate data silos into a secure, searchable collaboration environment across a single global namespace. Designed for extreme scale and performance, Mediaflux indexes content and metadata to automatically tier targeted data to more cost-effective Spectra Logic disk and tape storage.

  • Extreme scalability with a system that can support tens of billions of files and moves data at any scale
  • Extracts rich metadata on ingest and tags data to enable more efficient searches
  • Arcitecta Archive (AAR) can compress a large number of files into a small object to send to BlackPearl
  • Protects valuable data with sophisticated access controls, traceability and data encryption
  • Accelerates scale-out NAS I/O

BlackPearl Platform

Spectra BlackPearl Platform solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation by combining multiple standard interfaces and storage targets into a simple and affordable solution designed for diverse workflows. BlackPearl unlocks multiple storage targets including online disk, nearline disk, deep storage tape, and even public cloud.

BlackPearl streamlines the approach to complex workflows by utilizing cloud architecture object storage and LTFS tape.

  • Deploys effortlessly as a full plug and play solution
  • Operates seamlessly with extreme scalability
  • Delivers affordable storage that meets service-level requirements
  • Ensures data security, reliability and integrity

Arcitecta Mediaflux with Spectra Logic BlackPearl Workflow Overview

Arcitecta’s Mediaflux paired with Spectra’s BlackPearl delivers a rich and diverse span of functionality providing a wide range of applications in multiple industries. Mediaflux can manage any type of data. Flexible workflow means that it can be readily configured to streamline the capture, storage, discovery, transformation, and consumption of data in any industry. BlackPearl delivers multi-tiered storage allowing for organizations to store data on a number of storage targets including disk, tape, and public cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce storage costs and accelerate workflows
  • Automatically tier and manage data
  • Securely access data worldwide within a single global namespace
  • Find data easily with metadata extraction and tagging
  • Automate workflows
  • Fully integrate storage from disk, tape and public cloud

Technical Details

System Compatability
A BlackPearl must be configured and available for network communications with Mediaflux. Spectra Logic BlackPearl v.5.0 or later is required. Mediaflux v.4.8.001 or later, configured with the BlackPearl plugin content store is required.

Mediaflux Hardware Requirements
Deployments for a few users can be supported by a laptop or desktop computer. Workgroup deployments typically require a small server with a few processing cores and at least 4GB of available RAM.

Systems can be deployed in multi-node clusters to scale performance and I/O. In addition, systems can be distributed geographically for global deployments in federated or replicated implementations.

Arcitecta Mediaflux with Spectra Logic BlackPearl for Complete Data Management

Spectra Logic’s data storage solutions paired with Arcitecta’s data management platform creates the ideal integrated solution for long-term management of any data at any scale. Spectra provides extremely cost-effective solutions that accommodate growing demands on storage, while Mediaflux provides a user-friendly interface and sophisticated data management capabilities. Leveraging the power of metadata, Mediaflux enables policy-based virtualization of existing data silos with the efficiency and protection of Spectra BlackPearl’s scalable storage. Learn more about Arcitecta Mediaflux at

Arcitecta specializes in data management systems for large-scale distributed data. Its core product, Mediaflux™, is a flexible data + metadata management solution that virtualizes otherwise incompatible data stovepipes into a secure distributed collaboration environment.

Mediaflux is designed to start small with limited use cases and easily scale to support hundreds of billions of assets and exabyte-scale data volumes. Mediaflux automatically indexes metadata and data of all types from any source or on any storage system to provide true global access, discovery, and rapid tasking.

Since data typically lasts far longer than any hardware infrastructure or application, Mediaflux provides investment protection over the long term. This is done by non-disruptively virtualizing different storage technologies into a common management framework. In this way, existing data and infrastructures can co-exist with new technology and use cases to future-proof access to the data without impacting current operations or replacing legacy systems.

As a distributed data and metadata management solution, Mediaflux contains powerful multi-site data federation and replication capabilities to optimize storage utilization and rapidly adapt to changing use cases, applications, and security requirements. In this way, Mediaflux overcomes data stovepipes and enables users to focus on extracting value from the data rather than wasting time finding it.

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