How Can Active Archiving Address Managing Data Growth for Accessibility


By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic

When it comes to designing and implementing modern active archive strategies, the Active Archive Alliance is a trusted source for providing end users with technical expertise and guidance. Spectra Logic is proud to have been one of the Active Archive Alliance’s founding industry partners over a decade ago. In its efforts to continue to grow its mission of educating end users on how an active archive helps move data to the appropriate storage tiers to minimize cost while enabling reliable, online and cost-effective accessibility, the Alliance made available this year a new report: “The Active Archiving Ecosystem: Building a Flexible Archival Repository Your Way.” Read the report to learn how active archiving solutions can help organizations solve data growth challenges through intelligent data management.

As experts in attack-hardened, ransomware-resilient data management and storage, Spectra Logic provides customers with myriad ways to protect, manage and archive valuable data repositories. Read about Spectra’s broad portfolio of solutions designed to help organizations modernize their IT infrastructures and protect and preserve their data, whether on-premises, in a single cloud, across multiple clouds, or in all locations at once.

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