Beyond the Storage Target: Industry Analyst Outlines Spectra Portfolio Advancements


In an article recently posted to the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Blog, Philippe Nicolas, consultant and lead analyst with Coldago, describes where Spectra is headed with its current solution portfolio and company strategy. Nicolas and a select number of industry journalists, visited Spectra’s headquarters in Boulder in June for the 44th Edition of the IT Press Tour, where they heard first-hand from Spectra Logic executives about enhancements to Spectra’s portfolio of attack-hardened multi-cloud data management and storage solutions. Recapping the tour in his article, Nicolas details notable recent Spectra product updates, including Spectra StorCycle support for multi-billion file and full integration with AWS, GCP and Azure; BlackPearl’s new capabilities around encryption, S3 and on-prem Glacier*; and Spectra Vail’s ability to maximize capabilities of on-prem and public cloud storage to deliver a multi-point access to data becoming global.

“The secondary storage champion has made some significant developments,” Nicolas details. “It helps Spectra play a role beyond the storage [target] to becoming active in data management…. Vail leverages on-premises and public cloud to maximize capabilities of both worlds delivering a multi-point access to data becoming global”.

Read the full article on the CDP Blog website here.

In addition, Coldago recently released their 2022 End-Users Survey which considered a sample of 857 European users and 1509 US users to identify end-users’ needs, perceptions and adoptions of storage and data management technologies. Spectra Logic was pleased to be named one of the top Secondary Storage vendors.

Read the full Coldago End-User Survey 2022 here.

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