Spectra Technology Advisory Panel Event: AWE Story

Applying science, engineering and technology excellence, AWE plays a crucial role in supporting the UK’s nuclear deterrent. With the majority of their systems formerly backed up by aging and expensive-to- maintain Oracle SL8500 tape libraries, they looked to Spectra’s TFinity Tape Library as a their library replacement. The Spectra TFinity Tape Library allows AWE to utilize their existing STK drive technology and provides them with the ability to move away from Fibre Channel by using Spectra Swarm Switches for Ethernet-based connectivity. Read More

A first-hand account of ransomware: To pay or not to pay

Digital transformation has led to the deployment of a greater number of innovations and applications that generate more and more data. While the world’s collective knowledge and advancement depends on the ongoing aggregation, analysis and distribution of vast amounts of data, the preservation of these digital assets, especially during the pandemic, is at risk from cyberattacks. – Read More Read More

Data Backup Practices Can Thwart Ransomware

Spectra Logic is a 41-year-old private company, based in Boulder, Colorado, that according to the company’s website, “develops data storage and data management solutions that solve the problem of digital preservation for organizations dealing with exponential data growth.” On May 7, 2020, and related to the move to remote work by Spectra Logic employees… – Read More Read More

Spectra Executives Share Insights with the Media

Spectra Logic has long established itself as a trusted advisor to its customers and partners in the data storage space. As thought leaders in their fields, Spectra executives often share their industry insights with technology publications. Catch some of the most recent articles on this blog! Read More

Los Alamos National Labs Customer Story

With an eye on delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability, Los Alamos National Laboratory required a replacement for their SL8500 Oracle tape libraries, whose support longevity was questionable and expensive to maintain. They looked to Spectra’s TFinity Tape Library to replace their legacy tape libraries because of its high reliability and its ability to store data with three tape media formats. Read More

Spectra BlackPearl Platform Now Available with Grass Valley Solutions to Make Media Workflows More Flexible and Scalable

BOULDER, Colo.  Nov. 19, 2020 — Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and management solutions, today announced that Grass Valley’s STRATUS has integrated with Spectra’s BlackPearl® Object Storage platform. Designed for numerous concurrent media workflows, BlackPearl eliminates the need for expensive third-party middleware by directly integrating with a wide range of production, automation and asset management applications. GV STRATUS is a video production and content management application that simplifies workflows, streamlines video editing and enables stories to break faster while providing creative freedom. Read More