A Look behind the Scenes at Some of the People that Help Spectra Customers Thrive

By Betsy Doughty
VP, Corporate Marketing, Spectra Logic


Last week I shared some of Spectra’s customers and why they choose to work with Spectra. Today, I want to introduce you to some of the people behind the scenes.

Here’s the thing about Spectra. Our average tenure is eight years, and even though I’m in my 16th year at Spectra, there are so many people that have been here even longer than me. Overwhelmingly in employee surveys, our team shares that their Spectra associates are the best thing about the company (I’d also throw culture, longevity, reliability, and strong future in there as well). When a team works well together, it shows to the rest of the world.

Here are comments from some of our team members from around the world, in many of our departments, names you probably know and names you most certainly don’t know, but should. This Spectra family is the best!

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