Spectra Logic’s Data Storage Outlook 2021 Report Encourages Organizations to Plan Ahead, Pivot Fast and Innovate Anew

Report gives a comprehensive look into future of several data storage technologies, including flash, magnetic disk, tape, hybrid cloud, persistent memory and optical

Dedicated solely to storage innovation for more than 40 years, Spectra Logic closely collaborates with customers and partners worldwide to develop and provide data storage and data management solutions that solve the problem of digital preservation for organizations dealing with exponential data growth. Spectra’s uncompromising product and customer focus allows it to maintain a keen pulse on the industry and a discerning awareness of the global market.

An early innovator in robotics, automation, and interfaces, Spectra Logic shares its industry insights every year in the form of its Data Storage Outlook report. Spectra announced in March the publication of Data Storage Outlook 2021, the sixth annual report of its kind. The report predicts the strategies, architectures and technologies that are anticipated to enable the protection, management and preservation of data for the long-term, also highlighting benefits of integrating cloud with on-premise storage to solve complex workflow issues.

Download the 2021 Data Storage Outlook report for a detailed view into the following:

  • Technology highlights for 2021, including advancements and price expectations for flash, disk, tape and other technologies in the storage market.
  • Trends in file storage, object storage and cloud integration, and how designing workflows with the cloud in mind will help storage administrators determine ‘where’ to deploy ‘what’ storage.
  • The onset of Hybrid Perpetual Storage and how new systems will allow for utilizing either cloud and/or on-premise processing capabilities, while providing for the long-term retention of the raw and refined data of that processing, independent of where it occurs.

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