Spectra’s solutions address the challenges of today’s broadcast from content storage to content “lifecycle” management, to multi-cloud integration for collaboration and business continuity

Driven by today’s market demand for greater efficiency and agility, coupled with modern technologies, broadcasters are shifting to all–digital workflows; and a robust storage strategy is key to empowering efficient media workflows. Unifying multi-tier storage, on-premises and cloud, proper tiering and lifecycle management with the many applications that drive modern collaborative content creation — from ingest, logging and asset management to editing, and ultimately archiving – makes ideal sense. In this new model, storage is much more than a data repository; it is the very heart of the workflow.

Benefits of Spectra Logic’s solutions:

  • Optimize content storage through insight, intelligent lifecycle management and tiering
  • Maximize content value via seamless integration with the leading digital media applications
  • Form a local or globally accessible content storage repository
  • Manage vital media assets seamlessly between on-premises and cloud solutions
  • Focus on program innovation and digital transformation rather than infrastructure management
  • Provide a wide range of disaster recovery and business continuity choices
  • Expand storage capacity seamlessly to accommodate increases in image resolution, higher frame rates, and multi-camera sources.
  • Store media assets as self-describing objects
  • Retrieve media assets fully or partially, saving operational time
  • Increase efficiency and boost productivity

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