Certified Clients


BlackPearl Nearline Media Gateway Clients

Spectra BlackPearl Nearline Media Gateway incorporates Spectra DS3, an easy, cloud-like interface to on-premises storage solutions including Spectra object-based disk and tape libraries, and multiple public cloud integrations. Transfer of data via the Spectra DS3 interface requires a software client. A variety of pre-certified Spectra DS3 clients are available, with full integration into third-party data management software. Customers can also create their own clients or modify existing clients to custom fit their workflows and environments. If interested in creating a custom client for BlackPearl Nearline Media Gateway, please check out the Spectra Developer site.


Bring the high cost of cloud storage down to earth?

No problem. Spectra On-Prem Glacier solutions cost up to 66% less than comparable public cloud storage.