Keep Active Archive In Your Multi-Cloud Toolbelt


Whit Jackson, Vice President, Technology Alliances/M&E,

Wasabi Technologies


The Multi-Purpose Multi-Cloud

Why use multi-cloud? Simply put, to get something from one cloud that you can’t get from another. That could be deep, cold archive or warm file share. For every data type, there’s a storage location that provides the most value and optimal cost.

Of course, not every-multi cloud strategy is just about the public cloud. They also encompass privately hosted servers with on-prem disk and tape. That’s what makes a product like Spectra Logic’s Vail software so powerful: Unifying all storage into a single namespace provides the ability to not only view and orchestrate all your data, but also automates data placement to take advantage of the various storage resources and reduce storage expense.

The benefits that Spectra Vail can provide to a complex enterprise are innumerable. Vail delivers policy-based data orchestration, streamlining workflows and reducing overall costs. Vail also makes data available across multiple locations allowing on-prem and cloud applications to use the same data without negatively impacting performance.

Add Some Active Spice to Your Archive Storage

At Wasabi, we are dedicated to bringing customers high-performing cloud storage at flat-rate pricing with no charges for data egress or other unpredictable fees. We think of ourselves as an “ingredient” in a solution, and one that adds a little kick to the overall stew — think pink Himalayan sea salt or freshly grated parmigiano reggiano. Wasabi’s combination of low cost and high performance makes us one-of-a-kind in the cloud storage industry and has given us the opportunity to be a leader in the field of “active archive” storage.

Typically, when we think of archive storage, we think of “cold storage” — slow performing, inexpensive storage locations where files you’ll rarely need go to rest. Compare and contrast active storage, which is thought of as “warm storage,” where data is accessed frequently and high prices are paid for this level of access. Wasabi is in the unique position of being both cost-competitive to cold archival storage while being as performant as warm active storage.

In the context of Spectra Vail, Wasabi can be used as a central active archive to share data across remote locations. And when data needs to be accessed remotely, pulled into a compute cloud for analysis, or repatriated back to an on-prem data center, there are none of the outrageous egress costs to absorb that typically outweigh the advantages of ubiquitous cloud access.

For research institutions working on the next scientific breakthrough, media companies looking to speed production with globally dispersed teams of artists and enterprises looking to gain rapid insight to customer behavior, the combination of Spectra Vail and Wasabi cloud storage provides a highly scalable and cost-effective way to get you to the data you need, when you need it.

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Visit Wasabi at booth #7.D28 and Spectra Logic at booth #7.A43 at IBC Show in Amsterdam from September 9-12, 2022 to learn more about how the joint solution can help broadcasters and media organizations get the most out of cloud storage.

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