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Spectra helps media professionals throughout all stages of their content lifecycles as they create, manage, distribute and monetize their digital assets. Spectra’s unique, integrated solutions are efficient in approach, agile to shifting business needs, and utilize modern technologies that are extensible to future needs.

– Mike Anderson, Storage Systems Administrator at Notre Dame’s main South Bend campus

Spectra Logic provided the University of Notre Dame with a modern solution that was scalable, cost-effective, and enabled extensive efficient workflows. We’ve had positive experiences with Spectra’s products in the past, making Spectra the obvious choice for our next initiative.

– Patrick Tsang, telecommunications engineer, Radio Television Hong Kong

We needed a solution that could accommodate our expected annual growth and future needs. The fact that we can seamlessly replicate our data to a second BlackPearl system offsite for disaster recovery means our data is always available and adds another layer of protection.

– Stephen McConnachie, Head of Data and Digital Preservation, BFI

Our Spectra Logic solution has helped us create a content strategy to preserve the BFI National Archive digital collection long-term. BlackPearl integrates seamlessly into our workflow applications and allows us to easily store and quickly access our files on tape libraries. The non-proprietary format of the system and its genetic diversity gives us confidence in our system’s future roadmap.

– Matthew Tegg, post-production technical manager, Hat Trick

Installing an archive solution from Spectra Logic has enabled us to better control our storage costs by using less physical storage media. The systems’ simplified backup and restore process allows us to more easily train our support staff and to automate much more of our workflow. Spectra offered the best use of our budget to meet our goals.

– Joyce Meyer Ministries

Spectra Logic provided the next level of architectural design expertise that we needed. BlackPearl brought us a combination of object storage disk, tape, and cloud that is tightly integrated with our media asset management system, on-ramping us into further automation of our workflows, resulting in greater efficiencies.


A modern storage solution must reduce complexities, lower costs and ease management burdens. It must work with cloud and be accessible from anywhere, at any time. These factors drive migration projects from legacy systems to new platforms that deliver greater efficiencies to match an organizations’ vision and drive for the future.

Our comprehensive migration solutions:

  • Eliminate proprietary middleware, cost and management burdens once and for all
  • Offer a range of scalable storage targets: New Tape, Object Storage Disk, Cloud, remote sites, etc.
  • Are non-intrusive to production operations during migration
  • Provide a proven path to the future

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Spectra Tape Libraries Spectra Object Storage Disk Blackpearl Object Storage Coud Spectra StorCycle® Storage Lifecycle Management Software

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