The Spectra Digital Archive Solution Advantage:
Four Reasons Why Spectra Digital Archive Beats out the Competition

A long-term modern archive solution should substantially lower operational, maintenance, utility, support and administrative costs. It should be simple to use and easy to install, and free current staff from much of their storage management tasks. Archive storage costs should be predictable, and ideally, restorations should be nearly immediate without incurring additional charges.

Spectra Digital Archive rises above other solutions in the market to allow data-driven organizations to digitally preserve their assets and data. Spectra Digital Archive, powered by StorCycle software, is a complete hardware and software solution that provides digital preservation for data at scale.

The following software advantages give Spectra Digital Archive a competitive edge against other archive solutions to protect organizations’ data as well as their budgets.

1. Designed for cost-effective long-term archive. Spectra Digital Archive leverages Spectra’s StorCycle, an enterprise software for digital preservation that provides data insight to help identify data that is a candidate for archive based user-defined criteria like the age of the data and the size of files.

The Spectra Digital Archive advantage: Spectra Digital Archive offers a cost-effective alternative to competing solutions that are typically cost multipliers. The solution does not require a large amount of supporting servers and personnel, or incur high maintenance costs. Most importantly, StorCycle license costs are not based on source file system capacity, so users don’t have to pay for data they’re not actually archiving!

2. Intuitive and simple to use. Spectra offers a solution that is simple to deploy with minimal day-to-day management. Spectra Digital Archive’s software component, StorCycle, is intuitive to use and requires little training to make it easy for administrators to get up to speed.

The Spectra Digital Archive advantage: StorCycle’s deployment, use, and features like user-based transparent migration capabilities, provide simplicity that helps organizations drive operational agility and efficiency. Other solutions in the market can be highly resource intensive, often requiring complex infrastructures and the deployment and management of multiple servers.

3. Ability to handle multiple use cases. Spectra Digital Archive eliminates application silos and drives operational efficiency and economics by supporting the requirements for different types of use cases based on access time and cost requirements.

The Spectra Digital Archive advantage: Beyond traditional archive use cases, Spectra Digital Archive can be configured for multiple use cases to create significant value and enable the most efficient and cost-effective data preservation strategies. This includes the ability to move complete projects off to archives and bring them back when needed, as well as making cost-effective copies that are verifiable to be complete and unaltered for long-term digital preservation.

4. Policy-driven automation. Automation is at the core to drive optimum operational agility and velocity. Software policies that outline how the software will autonomously operate must go beyond basic archiving functions and include retention policies, scheduled automated file deletion as well as replication data that can be both kept online as well as offline.

The Spectra Digital Archive advantage: With Spectra’s software-driven digital archive solution, retention policies can be configured to automatically delete the archived data after a specified period of time. Migration policies enable the archiving of data based on specific criteria including tags, age and file type.

Don’t let archive be a second thought. Learn more about the Spectra Digital Archive solution today.

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