Not all NAS is Created Equal

Designed as the optimal disk platform for the storage of mid-tier data, including primary storage offload, data staging, backup and archiving, BlackPearl Network Attached Storage (NAS) costs as little as pennies per gigabyte. Unique to the BlackPearl NAS system, is the ability to upgrade the solution with Spectra’s TranScale feature, at any time, to BlackPearl Converged Storage System object storage solution.

Storage Iceberg

Affordable Enterprise Storage

Easily and affordably manage large media files while planning for the future with BlackPearl NAS.
The multi-functional BlackPearl NAS works in a myriad of workflows serving as the optimal disk platform for the storage of mid-tier data:

  • Primary storage offload
  • Data staging
  • Backup
  • Archiving

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Unlimited Upgradability

  • Start small or plan for the future, BlackPearl is the ONLY NAS with three levels of field upgradability:
  • Performance Upgrade: Leverage flash-only pools for increased speed
  • Capacity Upgrade: Scale up to 10.7 PB in a single rack
  • Platform Upgrade: Easily TranScale BlackPearl NAS to a BlackPearl Converged Storage System adding full object storage with multiple storage tiers

BlackPearl NAS: Designed for a Variety of Workflows

BlackPearl NAS simplifies the data storage process and future-proofs your NAS storage investment.


Check out the new Infographic that demonstrates how you can intelligently upgrade NAS when you need additional storage.


Transcale BlackPearl NAS

Protect Your BlackPearl Investment with Spectra’s TranScale Upgrade Path

Navigating the changing landscape of Storage can be challenging…changing regulations, corporate mandates, cloud initiatives, increasing data, BlackPearl is ready to react. By upgrading BlackPearl NAS to our BlackPearl Converged Storage System, your traditional file system files (CIFS/NFS) can be passed through BlackPearl as object storage to additional near-line disk, archive disk with spin-down capability, digital tape, cloud, a replicated copy to another BlackPearl, or any combination of those storage options. Best of all, it’s all done without additional, expensive data mover software or “middleware.”

Need a full Object Storage solution today? Start with a BlackPearl Converged Storage System.

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