Prevailing Against Ransomware: Tony Mendoza Shares Three Key Data Protection Strategies on The Spectra Current

You’ve probably heard the story by now. On May 2020, Spectra Logic was attacked by ransomware. Spectra’s IT team rose to the occasion, no data left the company, and Spectra was able to restore all files and resume operations without paying the ransom. As any data-driven organization would, we saw this as an opportunity to take an analytical look at the company’s data protection and business continuity strategies to identify key strengths and weaknesses. But unlike most companies, Spectra also chose to share our story widely to help other businesses prepare.

The resources Spectra Logic has shared on the topic are numerous: Spectra’s Senior Director of IT Tony Mendoza recounted events in featured articles; and the company wrote a white paper with a checklist of what to do before and after a ransomware attack; hosted webinars sharing Spectra’s ransomware story and how to build a storage strategy to withstand a ransomware attack; provided an online quiz to assess your ransomware preparedness level; and even created a dedicated ransomware protection page on our website.

So why should you tune in to the newest Spectra Current podcast episode to hear from Tony again?

  1. Tony reveals three key data protection strategies

Looking back at a situation or an event gives most people a clearer understanding of it and how things could have been done better. Sixteen months after the attack, Tony articulates in this podcast the three key data protection strategies that were crucial in helping Spectra Logic prevail against ransomware: immutable snapshots, data tiering and the tape air gap. To understand how and why these three things played such a crucial role in allowing Spectra to successfully recover without paying the ransom or losing any data, tune in to the episode here.

  1. Get a glimpse into the man behind the myth

The Spectra Current blends the industry expertise of our guests with their experiences, insights, and gifts. Along with discussions on best practices in data storage, usage and management, audiences get to know guests through their unique perspectives and personal stories. In this episode, Tony talks about his journey at Spectra, his team and how they came together in challenging times.

  1. The most connected, convenient experience

Whether you are tuning in for entertainment or education purposes, podcasts allow listeners to tap into the knowledge and advice of experts at their convenience, on the go. Not only that, but The Spectra Current has a conversational quality, by design, that is not as easily embodied in webinars or articles. When listeners tune in to this week’s episode, they get more than a play-by-play of the events surrounding Spectra’s 2020 ransomware attack. The episode provides a real understanding of Tony’s frame of mind and thought process as events unfolded, and what key considerations were taken into account by Spectra’s IT leadership in order to decide not to pay the ransomware attack.

Tune in to episode five of The Spectra Current here.

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