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What is Active Archive?
An Active Archive solution is a combination of open system applications, different types of disk and tape hardware that intelligently monitor and migrate data across multiple storage devices while maintaining fast user accessibility.

How Does it Work?
An Active Archive allows you to extend a file system across performance disk, capacity disk, and tape; all accessible to the end user without the intervention of an administrator. This not only eliminates the need for IT intervention when an archived file is requested, but also provides virtually limitless storage capacities in a much smaller footprint and cost per GB. Active Archive reduces the recall time of an archive file from days to under 2 minutes—even directly from tape!

Active Archive solutions also monitor the integrity of your data, eliminating the risk of data loss from bit rot, corruption, failed disk drives and bad media. This management approach provides a searchable, compliant format to store data for the total lifecycle of a file based on company policies, industry regulations and state or federal laws.

Active Archive

Online Access to all of Your Data With Spectra Tape and Capacity Disk


Greater Efficiency

  • Integrates easily, and fully certified with archive management applications and existing backup applications.
  • Spectra’s tape libraries provide higher power efficiency than any other disk or tape product.
  • Based upon Spectra’s architecture that stores tapes vertically in TeraPack containers, our libraries offer the highest storage density available and occupy less space than competing libraries.
  • Built-in BlueScale® management software intelligence for data reliability, data integrity validation and to minimize unscheduled down time.

Better Reliability

  • Media Lifecycle Management (MLM): Records about 40 data points every time a tape is loaded, giving you vital statistical and diagnostic information that helps you proactively manage your tape media.
  • Data Integrity Verification (DIV): Lifetime reporting on the reliability, usage and tracking of data and cleaning media. PreScan checks the tape leader alignment, threading and ensures that the tape can be written to, QuickScan confirms that a single track (one direction) can be read, and FullScan performs a background verification pass to ensure your data has been written to tape.
  • Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM): Monitors and reports drive usage and performs verification tests to help prevent drive failures.
  • Library Lifecycle Management (LLM): Manages the health of your library’s critical components by delivering utilization metrics relative to the expected useful life of library robotics, filters and other critical components.

Maximum Capacity and Performance

  • Scale LTO or IBM’s enterprise technology in a Spectra tape library for lightning fast performance and massive capacities.
  • Optimize configurations to meet massive data storage and file access time requirements.
  • Rely on the most reliable and affordable technology for long-term archiving and an excellent return on your investment.

slsActiveArchiveMulti-Task Your Library
Take full advantage of your whole Spectra library. When using Spectra’s Shared Library Services (SLS) function, you have the ability to partition your library for archiving, backup, and deep storage.


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